Idle Weapon Animations

There should be idle animations for weapons, and different ones for each weapon. Well for some of them at least. I don’t have a tripod or weapon experience to display this myself, and I don’t want to ask someone to record me doing something because I’d feel weird being filmed and I don’t wanna have to explain what I’m doing so I’m giving a description instead. Hope you like it!

Jamming the spear into the ground and leaning onto it, or it be sitting instead of leaning. It could be random.
Another idle animation is you can hold the staff in one hand as you slide your hand against the blade, balancing the weight of the weapon too.
After a battle: You wipe off the blood from the tip of your spear and shake your hands off to dispose of the blood.

You slide your hands against the blade, examining it.
You could also slide the daggers against each other, causing sparks as a sign of intimidation.
After a battle:
You slide your daggers against other, disposing of the blood and shaking them off.

You put the hammer on the ground and lean against the hilt.
You hold the hammer in two hands and use it to do some curls.
After a battle:
You wipe off the blood or dirt that might’ve accumulated, and then you pound your chest in retaliation.

Great Sword:
You jam the sword into the ground and rest your hands on the hilt like the Kinscourge statue.
You run your hand across the edge of the blade and shake off the blood from your hand when you scratch yourself with it, turning your hand into a fist.
After a battle:
You run your hand through the blade and wipe off the blood, shaking your hand off.

You pretend to juggle with it as you lightly pop it up into the air, grabbing the hilt and throwing it up again.
You hold the mace in your hands and examine it.
After a battle:
You shake the mace in the air and wipe off the blood or whatever accumulated.

Basic idle animations are the same as the Mace.
After a battle:
You wipe off the blood and clutch your fist as you cut yourself with the blade of the axe, your hand shaking as you watch blood drip from your hand.

You twirl the sword around.
You balance the sword in your hands, examining the workmanship.
After a battle:
You wipe off any blood and shake your hand off of any remaining blood.




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I would like to add to some of these. I like the idea and it kinda seems like the next logical step after the idle animations.

  • Great Sword: I would not jam the blade in the ground seeing as it would probably damage it. I would suggest a combination of conan the barbarian movie poses flowing into one animation, as a throwback.
  • Mace: Like your idea but would also like the standard standing mean and hitting your one hand (like a cop) in anticipation of battle…same goes for truncheons then :rofl:
  • Axe: I would rather you sharpen the blade with a stone with some sparks

The end of fight animations are great, I would just say as you holster them after the battle and you should still be able to move.

Cool ideas, we can only hope!



I like the idea, but I would go for different idles for a few weapons, well a few different ones per weapon;


  1. Similar to your first idea for the hammer, but plant the hilt into the ground, and rest your hands on the hammer’s head.
  2. Using both hands, sling the hammer over one shoulder and rest it there.
  3. Post-battle, slam the hammer’s head into the ground while still holding the shaft with one hand and limbering up.


  1. Similar to hammer idea #2, but holding the hilt with one hand.

No ideas

One-handed Axe

  1. Run fingers across the broad side of the axe head.
  2. Post-battle, swing the axe to the side, flicking off any excess blood.

Two-handed Axe
Basically every idea for the hammer, but a slight change to idea #1, instead of resting on top of the axe head, lean against the broad side of the axe head.


  1. Holding the katana horizontally with one hand and running your palm against the dull side of the blade
  2. One-handed Axe idea #2
  3. Rest the tip of the katana’s blade in the ground and rest both hands on the pommel, similar to what Vergil does in Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition if he is using Yamato and stands still for too long.


  1. If using the sit emote, have one dagger balanced on the ground by the tip of it’s blade, and spin the dagger by twisting the pommel.
  2. If locked onto an enemy, whether it’s a player or AI, use one dagger to make the neck slice gesture.


  1. Crack knuckles and neck simultaneously if locked onto an enemy.
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Now this one I really like @Trappist01x! +1 I also liked at @Necro Mace animation idea. Reminds me of Valerica in Thulsa Dooms cave on Conan the Barbarian, where she is taunting the guards byy tapping the flat of the sword on the palm of her hand. Upvoted on this one for sure.

PS- dont forget Bows folks, it could show the character looking it up and down while re-tensioning the strings (pulling it back just slightly).

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I was waiting for you my Faithful friend…I thought you would, and I was right! :rofl:

You wanna live forever?!!!



Thats the one alright!! Thats the one in the tower of Set garden I think (or was it…!?), I was thinking of the one where they sneak into Thulsa Dooms cave to rescue Osricks daughter (where they are wearing the warpaints). But same thing different location. Man she was tidy back in the day.

:metal: :yum:

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