If this is a glitch DONT FIX IT

Ok im gonna be mad if this IS a glitch or something…if it is DONT FIX IT!!! but are you suppose to be able to share obelisk points at the maproom?

I think it is a glitch, but it has been possible for a very long time :slight_smile:

Yeah its a glitch that’s been in the game since they introduced map rooms. Easy way to make new tribemates or new players to the server learn the obilisks real fast :smiley:

Im sure at some point we will see a nerf to map rooms from a “fix” to this…

What do you mean by share obelisk points? Forgive the ignorance, singleplayer here.

Someone else doesn’t have it n u do so they spam the portal n u teleport but instead they go in ur place

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