If you had to pick one actor to start playing Conan in a movie/show who would it be (no arnie or jason)

Calum Von Moger



I don’t recall anybody in the bodybuilding has good enough acting skills to play as Conan himself just like Arnie did, but my bet would be Jon Call (Jujimufu). He is a powerlifter/bodybuilder/acrobat/youtuber, so he has the agility, the body, he has a great sense of humor and he is entertaining, and probably has the acting skills to it.

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Definitely Calum

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Can Yaman.


What’s wrong with this guy’s arm???

Lol I knew I’d trigger someone :rofl:
More seriously, as much as I don’t want to see a female captain marvel or Spiderman (because each has actual man/boy issues), a black female conan could still fit in the stories! (Now picturing grace Jones as the main character and Arnold as supporting character…)

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Clive Stanton might be another solid choice.

Like most of the people I’ve seen suggested or suggested myself already he has acting experience working with weapons and armor and working with combat stunt teams

It still blows my mind that Arnold did all his own stunts in the first Conan. A lot of actors do as much as they can or are allowed to do, but it’s pretty rare to just not even have a stunt double. Those actors all put in a ton of weapon trining and it really shows still

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Scrolling through this thread on my lunchbreak, not really paying attention, and now my colleagues are like “dude, something you wanna tell us?” due to the inordinate amount of peak-condition male near-nudity in it. Oh well.


Growth hormones, proper viewing angle, probably a good arm-pump :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Start telling them you’re a chosen of asura, wait for questions, get into more details from there… who knows where it will lead to :rofl:


Do what Halk says, seriously i used to pull stuff like this all the time with my old Sergeant, just straight up say your a chosen and don’t explain😂

Tom Hardy.

Can pull off silence and sullen. Only issue is size.

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He’s vascular. I see nothing wrong. :innocent:

Cavil would be a good choice. I’d prefer it to be someone with a great physique but not a body builder. They do need to be able to choreograph some swordplay.

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I’ve always seen him more as Iolaus.

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How did I not notice this before? :rofl:

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Ralf Moeller

wow you guys have way too much toxic masculinity here. How dare you propose a white male to play a hero in a movie release after 2015.

There really is only one choice for Conan, and that is Laverne Co.x.

Wake up and get educated!

Sounds good to me! I was thinking black female but at any rate this individual looks like they could totally punch a camel and chop the head of an evil sorcerer!

Man, no-one can be “black female Conan” any more than Grace Jones already was wayyyy back in 1984!