If you make enemies spin on a dime, you have to add leg animations to go with it, otherwise it looks ridiculous

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While I do like the changes to player camera movement and aiming, the new update also tweaked enemies in a way that looked ridiculous in 2005 action games, it also looked ridiculous in 2010 games, and it looks even more ridiculous now.

Enemies “spinning on a dime” to band aid the lack of deeper enemy AI is a thing as old as 3D action games, and in order for it to look acceptable - you truly need to add a set of footwork animations to go with it, to make it look believable.

I think everyone knows what I’m talking about, it’s up to the developer to do it or not. The new enemy update makes the lack of animations stick out even more.

I’m saying this as an animator - just make bipedal and quadrupedal set of turning animations and tweak the speeds depending on creature sizes.

As a bonus, it would also make mount riding more fun.


yeah, i havent minded all the combat stuff ppl are complaining about, so i havent voiced an opinion on it. but the way enemies look when they spin about, and the seeming side effect of them walking sideways and backwards at times, are awful.

Funcom has been busy to get the spin right and natural looking. With the latest patch, you can see that large animals have gone through some work.

I’m sure it can be improved. Instead of instant turns on large animas, the npc now has to go through those missing animations.

I mean, I think it is good progress.

It can definitely be improved, because those animations are non-existent at the moment.

They just pivot magically, without their legs moving. Doesn’t matter if it now takes more time for it to happen (which is a bit better than it was before), the point is there are no animations, they just tweaked a few numbers.

Hmm? No… it does involve some complex math. The charge is no longer straight ahead. It takes aim now.

You can tweak that stuff in like 15 minutes in Unreal Engine 4.

“Complex math”? Please…let’s not insult mathematicians around the world for no reason.

I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me exactly - I don’t get what your point is or your goal.
My point is, it can and should be better and it’s really not that hard to fix and improve.

If you don’t realize how it can be fixed, it is fine. Playing some other modern games or learning the engine could help you get a glimpse of the possibilities (or just trust me, animating the damn legs is not that hard and doesn’t require rocket science), and compare it to what you get in this game. Just don’t arbitrarily defend an obviously flawed product players pay for and support for more than half a decade now.

The possibilities are great, but I don’t know if it’s laziness or lack of skill that stops them from doing it, or maybe they were told not to try much and deliver the “minimum viable product”.

This is a game with great potential, beautiful open world and lore, it has many great ideas, and it is a shame that such an IP doesn’t reach its potential. I love the building system, but the combat AI and animations are frustratingly bad.

It is just stuck in the minimum viable product loop, and I wish it wasn’t.

I tried to visualize those quaternions. I think it is now remedial. :relieved:

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