If you notice anyone Login and out a lot

They usually up to no good, Our whole server suddenly noticing some unnamed ones doing this on our official PVE C server.

Maybe funcom /gportal needs to utilitze a log in que if it notice u log in more than once or two.

If u log out, u need to wait 5 minutes to log back in.

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It’s not actually logging in and out, when you die or remove bracelets, during respawning ur name is taken out of player list, then put back when u spawn in, but your night, it’s usually a no good situation, I’ve found it’s either a group of really bad players, or it’s people undermeshing and getting in their base requires dieing.

Nah what im thinkin of here is actually quick log in and outs. Ive followed some on my server on gportal, it tells if someone logs in out in. So yeah ive reported it to exploithunters too, cause I think its an exploit.

For Crom’s sake, please don’t do that :frowning:

I have two major reasons for that.

One is that sometimes my Comcast connection will get downright stupid and I’ll get disconnected from the server every few minutes until the problem passes. I really, really don’t want to wait 5 minutes to log back in.

Another is the Purge meter. According to the wiki, one of the activities that fill up the Purge meter is logging in. Since I’m the only active player in my clan right now, filling the Purge Meter is a chore that takes me more than a week. By the end, I was resorting to setting a timer for 15 minutes (official servers only tally these actions each 15 minutes) and when the timer went off, I would relog, build and dismantle a T1 ceiling, build and dismantle a T2 ceiling, build and dismantle a T3 ceiling, kill a human NPC, kill a monster, and set the timer again.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate that I have to do that. But until I can get another active clanmate – and that won’t be any time soon, thanks to the follower cap – I don’t have any other good options.

So let’s not make people wait 5 minutes to log back in just because you have vague suspicions about some players.

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The time isnt important, it could be 30 seconds to stop people from exploiting what it is they do.

And im sure the purge is gonna see an overhaul??

Yeah, 30 seconds would be okay. As for the Purge, I’m not holding my breath. :frowning:

Out of curiosity, do you actually know someone is exploiting something or are you just being cautious and suspicious? Bear in mind, I don’t want to know what and how they’re exploiting if they are. It’s just that it sounds like you saw some people logging in and out and you got suspicious and decided to report it.

What I’m saying is the servers for some reason registers you as logged out temporarily when you die, so again, unless your physically sitting watching them log out and character go to sleep then stand back up, or they are taking around 2-3 minutes to reappear in the player list, ide assume it’s probably that. Either dieing or pulling bracelets repeatedly.

Ik what they are doing but cant write it here, until its patched, comprende?

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Can you raise the purge bar quicker like that? With relogging? Maybe I try it too…

I’d love to say “yes” or “no” with a decent degree of certainty. Unfortunately, I haven’t done actual testing. I just looked at the wiki and said “Well, I hope this is true and up-to-date, because I’m sick of this crap.”

I was really close to triggering the Purge and I really, really wanted to do it that same day, because I knew that the next day the meter would again be lower and I would have to spend another boring afternoon just mindlessly killing stuff and trying to get the Purge meter up.

The whole experience has left me really disgusted – I have no better word for the emotion I’m feeling. I know it sounds like an exaggeration, but it’s the combined effect of several factors:

  • There are certain things that can only be achieved using Purge-specific thralls.
  • Filling up the Purge meter alone is a truly Sisyphean task.
  • New players who are clanless don’t want to join a clan out of distrust or out of desire to do things on their own.
  • Veteran players who are clanless don’t want to join a clan because of the follower cap.
  • Players who are already in a clan don’t want to merge clans because of the follower cap, or because they don’t want to go through the hassle of deciding who gets to keep their clan and who gets to join the other one. Plus, there’s no user-friendly way to do so, which makes players a bit leery of merging clans. Plus, there’s no way to split a clan if you’re not happy with how things are.

I’m actually demoralized to the point of taking a bit of a break from Conan.

EDIT: I just realized that I might be painting a slightly unfair, dramatic picture, because of that last statement. Just to clarify, the difficulty of filling the Purge meter alone wouldn’t be enough to make me take a break. However, I worked really hard for more than a week to fill the meter and when I finally got the Purge, it targeted the base where another clan built practically on top of me and their thralls killed all the named attackers. So yeah, not happy right now.


That’s all I wanted to know. Thanks :slight_smile:

Yeah we keep getting killed inside our bases… No windows, not close to walls…

Sometimes it could be an exploit
Sometimes people just get disconnected

I get disco at least twice a week, today it was 4 times in fifteen minutes.
them interwebs is a harsh mistress.

Yea, I understand the implications, but I highly doubt this is a widespread problem that needs to be fixed by disallowing relogging. I know many people who have had random disconnects, fatal errors, file corruptions, etc. It’s a regular enough problem for this game that I’d bank that the vast majority of instances where you see someone log in and out is due to such situations.


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