If your going to make reporting more difficult then you need to help the player base deal with cheaters on a more personal level

It is a story told from the day the game was released. A problem with exploits arise and people beg for help then a patch rolls out and it fixes the problem but the exploiters are already a step ahead and are on to the next cheat or cheese. You ban the alt accounts and the ip band only hit the vpn(this is nott funcoms fault) unfortunately due to circumstances you can only be reactive instead of proactive and deal with these people until the dage is already done.

So this is what I suggest. A play from jagexs play book when it comes to the war on bots. Go live with streams with people on your team or people you hire on commission to actively visit servers plagued by these players and punish them in real time. You got undermers? Delete the bases in real time. You got speed hackers/ddos/dupers call them out in global and ban them in real time. This will make community relationships with the devs improve while giving you a cost effective/efficient ways to deal with these cheaters. Make it a event that occured at random and creat a forum where people can provide proof of these happenings and the community/mods can decide on what servers need help the most.

-more active and proactive protection against exploits
-active community engagement
-shows you care about your players and that even with this most recent update your still doing everything you can

-without proper qa and supervision can lead to issues
-without proper guidlines for forum reports floods of non issues can blot out actual issues
-lack of follow up on this can have the opposite effect of making people believe you actually don’t care.

Atm I have alot more details on this idea but I’ll wait to see if the idea would be something the community would like before I break down in further detail

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And that’s why I’m saying take a more active approach instead of reactive. Tbh the first step is to disable family share(not sure if they have yet but about a month ago when I last looked it was still up) so when you ban these accounts it hits them in there wallets instead of just hitting a dummy account. The second is going into these servers and making a show case of tearing these people up so that it’s made known by both fair players and these cheaters that something is being done. In its current state the cheaters are very well aware they most likley will get away with it and if they don’t they just open up the alt accounts

That is not a indication of a cheater… People do that on the regular to keep people from A.bothering them B.following them from server to server. My name is 123 currently for this reason

I remember when the Community managers, would live stream visits to different communities.
Like the showcase of the Pippi mod on the Pippi private server.

I think this Idea is awesome, a live stream of cheaters getting just deserts would go viral.

Great Idea, but it’s not anymore difficult to report now, than it ever was.

Is he bumping ping up with a building exploit? Is he bumping the clock on his game files to make his hit box extend from his body causing thralls to ignore him and making it next to impossible to attack? Is he using ping issues to walk into people’s bases? Is he speed hacking? Is he DDOSing servers whenever someone manages to kill him or attempt to fight back? Is he undermeshing? Is he stacking weapon poisons on weapons that can’t be poisoned? Is he doing anything that actually causes the game to be essentially unplayable? Because that’s what I’m currently combating on my server and many more have similar issues.

Reporting is more difficult as less seems to be being done about it aside from a patch that comes out long after damage is done

same as it ever was, right from EA it was always like this.

And I’m not arguing that. What I’m saying is with time the results are deluded by the work arounds. Kinda a dumb hill to die on considering the way it’s been is obviously not working

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Are you stalking me? Whats up with your constant harrasment of me. Why go personal in forum posts?

Almost impossible to report now.

We have seen servers where peeps never leave. 24/7, not bots, real peeps.

Not Conan, but STO I was online for 2 weeks, trying to get a ship. never left.

For SWG the two of us ran one account 24/7 for years. Never shut the machine off.

We are not bots, just players.

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