If your Putrescent rings disappeared, here is the solution

If your Putrescent rings disappeared, here is the solution:

Announcement from the AO team on Discord

It has come to our attention that folks are missing Putrescent Rings were removed today and should not have been. We shall return the item to all affected characters as a Claim tomorrow (July 15, 2020). No downtime should be required. We apologize for the inconvenience!

If you had Putrescent Rings removed during yesterday’s downtime, you should now have the rings returned to you as an item claim. Thanks for your patience!

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Is it true that EVERYONE who got it (not legit) got their ring back because you dont have ID on items and couldnt check if it wasn’t ring from last year event? (except maybe if toon was created this year?)

Maybe you should add it as normal loot due to the amount of ppl who got it non legit? :stuck_out_tongue: