@Ignasis I was told you can help from the live stream

Hey buddy. Not sure if you’ll get this or not but worth a try.

I’ve emailed weeks ago no reply , posted on Twitter etc . I joined an Official server which turned out to have multiple exploiters on it, I joined a clan with a friend I knew played the server for around 1 hour trying to lvl up but decided I didn’t like the server so I left.

I go do other things for a couple weeks , come
Back from vacation and I’ve been permanently banned from all Official servers. I think it was due to that server and maybe the clan I was in?

But I have and never will take any part in cheating. Really hoping I can get this ironed out. Like is there a way you can check activity on servers ? Then you can see I was literally in and out that server

Thanks for any reply I get

I would suggest that you Direct message him.

How do I do that ? Sorry I’m new to all this stuff

Hey :wink:

On the first Picture cklick on Tascha´s Name work with Ignasis Name too

Second Picture click on “Nachricht” (sorry use german layout)


On the Third Picture
by 1 fill out with a subject
by 2 fill out with your Massage
by 3 cklick to send the Massage

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