Ignasis why do we take damage from a sandstorm in caves or at the under water dungeon?

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[Describe the bug here] Taking damage while in a cave or deep under water

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  1. While inside a cave or at the under water dungeon you take damage from a sandstorm
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Well, its a magical sandstorm… :smiley:


I noticed this in the Silver Mine but was a few days before May 7th so not a result of the update. Was about to fight the scorpion queen and had to wait for visibility to clear up. This was in single player.

Yep, same here.

Funny, it’s not really a bug but how the sandstorm is made in general on the map.
They can resolve this, but I guess if you want to help Funcom in this case, you should pinpoint the locations so that they can adjust/modify that part to not be effected by sandstorm.

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