Ikos custom ui problems


Hey guys I’ve recently returned to the game and trying to install Ikos but keeps giving me.

Could not find part of the path
‘C:\Users\ben\AppData\Local\Temp\IKOS-UI-3-6-1\■■■’ ,

I downloaded strang ui but didn’t like it and want to use Ikos again any help would be much appreciated


I had similar problems. Strange is a pain in the a**

You have to install strange again, then manually uninstall strange by running aoc exe as admin from strange ui to disable it


Are you still running pillars Garrus ? Need to farm there myself :grin:


Yeah, not as frequently, but I still do due to rares.

I’m actually logging in now


Iam online now aswell …names chutel


Will take me a few minutes. I am using DX10 so I have to keep restarting my pc until fps loss is gone


If you are in DX10 borderless, you have to alt-tab once when you launch the game (and every time you launch it), or you’ll have extremely low fps.


Where, straight when in log in screen? Or at any point? Cuz I usually tried this in char screen or loading screen.


Yes. As you launch the game and you have to enter your login details, alt+tab, although I do it after I’ve hit enter after pw, otherwise, after the alt+tab, I’ll have to click on the chatbox to be able to type.

If you’re already alt-tabbing once, then there’s nothing else to do other than limit particles to myself (or off), and disable vicinity player and/or NPC (depending on what’s more on screen) names, details and levels. Healthbars barely affect fps, compared to the 3d font.


Pw? What’s that?

So in the Black screen before log in, or straight when log in pops up I alt tab and just log in as normal?

Also, compatibility for anything? Windows 7/8?


Sorry. I thought I had written “password” already and I abbreviated. Just alt-tab one time every time you launch the game. You’ll figure out what I mean as you try it at the login screen.

If you run it in Fullscreen, you don’t have to do this “trick”.


I run it fullscreen without borders. And you would be surprised, but the way I usually did it was a hard pc reset and after a few tries, no fps loss. But both straight at login screen and straight after password and enter alt tabbing both work?