I'll be happy with this game's combat when

You can flawless every enemy in the game solo (without using the high ground projectile technique), and every, single hit you take is 100% your fault and not the game’s.

You were the chosen one Conan Exiles…You could have been the DarkSouls of survival games…
You know, the reason I bought the game (aside from tiddies), back in the early Access days, was that I saw it having a dodge button, I thought “If they have one, it surely means they’ll put some effort into the combat system”…


Since the EA the game went through a lot, but yes, there is room for improvements, they just need to dive into it to explore its full potential, but I have the feeling we won’t see this so soon.

So are you saying we’re there (because the way I feel it, if I ever get hit it’s because I screwed up), or that Funcom should still do something to get there? Your original post doesn’t detail any specific problem, nor does it give any suggestions for improvement, but neither does it feel like praise.

So I guess what I’m asking is “What do you want?”

I’m not sure if you think this means we’re Conan, or “the chosen one” or something, but that’s not how I understand the game lore at all. The way I see it, the player character is not particularly unique compared to most denizens of the Exiled Lands - a glorified NPC at best.

Anyway, that’s all fluff. Just felt like butting in, since it’s one of the things that make it interesting in a sea of games that all insist you’re the chosen one, the heir of a thousand generations, the mystical hero and all that generic jazz.

edit: read down, I completely misunderstood. Still, I’ll let the post stand as a monument to what happens when one posts while still not fully awake. And I do still stand by everything I said, it’s just that it has nothing to do with this topic…

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I think he means the game was the chosen one, projected to be great but falling short. I’d say people retroactively put the game expectation on a pedestal it was never on. The result being that no matter how it is polished and improved it will never meet their nostalgia of ‘what is was supposed to be’


Ah. My reading comprehension is still sleepy, I guess. That actually makes a whole lot more sense… carry on, nothing to see here, move along people, and for Crom’s sake someone get me some coffee!


The combat system have many flaws, and seeing how they haven’t still been addressed since I started playing, I guess the majority of ppl focus more on RP and just having fun, playing casually that they don’t get reported enough for the devs to address them, or the devs still haven’t got good with Unreal (I remember they said this is the first game in Unreal they make).
If you didn’t cached my drift, I’m guessing the your answer to this question is yes : “Do you think the stamina bar is fine?”

You can pretty much go untouched? I play 99.99% solo… and ya. Its not that hard. The games AI is. …I hate being mean. Its trash? =/

Its not tweaked like Dark Souls… it allow you to be cheese with out being on top of ledge. Some good skill point useage to get those rolls in to dodge arrows.

Look, I’m Spoiled by Dragons Dogma and Monster Hunter Combat and Large Monsters and years of Souls games.
Combat in Conan Exiles is for children… Theres few cheese bosses, nothing careful set up don’t fix. XD

Or maybe no fps drops. XD LOL

Its ALOT better then what it was thats for sure. Few tweaks to AI, and they’ll put up a better fight. And beats the days when shielded enemies had 95% block rate…

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Yeah, I’ve said this to my friends in the past: Playing Darksouls spoiled me, now I’m 1000% times more aware of the quality of combat and difficulty in games, it set my bar so high it’s not even funny :v:

I also love Dragons Dogma, one of my guilty pleasures, that, Skyrim and this game are the only ones I’ve spent all night up playing.

Yeah, as I’ve said, since I saw the game had a dodge button I assume the combat would be a priority, tbh I jumped the gun buying it at that time (damn you boobbies XD).

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Sry to disapoint u, but I find the combat system amazing… in one vs one all hits u get IS ur fault…
The only problem the combat system has is tha ai is too stupid…
Which exactly solo battle frustrated u?

Do you even read what you write? How can you have amazing combat with stupid ai?
Good ai is fundamental to have good combat system, otherwise it becomes a cheese fest or is like you’re in a fighting game training mode just punching away at a dummy. You can have all the flashy moves in the world, it becomes pointless if everything you “fight” are dumb punch bags. You can’t have good moves/attacks and bad ai, and have an “amazing” combat system, they are mutually exclusive.
What you just said is like saying “This ice is hot”.

But, whatever, I get that the most of the ppl that play this game are like you, and don’t really care enough to look close enough and see all the flaws, otherwise this would have been looked at ages ago. Good, tight, rewarding, fun, challenging and fair combat is not a priority for ppl that RP or play casually to mess around.

I read what I write… and yes I love different attack movesets and distance that apllies to each weapons… when I say that ai is too stupid I mean repeated combos And very limited moveset from bosses… all else is nice at my pov… sry I did not clear out what stupid ai means… after a couple hundreds times u fight something u can tell by heart what it will do next… and that is the part I do not like… if u prefer improved challenge try hitting pvp servers where u face real persons and try their intelligence/abilities against urs… things improve in time and I remember them way worse… btw what exactly u mean by awfull combat? That when a dragon stomps me I do not get shredded with this one shot,or something else my poor mind do not understand? Can u be more specific?

DO YOU EVEN USE YOUR BRAIN? what you talking about lol, AI has nothing to do with combat, how stupid can u be?
AI basicaly has its own mind and desicions, combat is animations/stats/dmg/hp bars etc. lol how can someone be so naive, combat is awesome its the only one that needs some skill and brain, most games are deadbrain, take a look at rust, lol call of duty type survival. lol.

Well, your OP didn’t actually say anything about AI. You talked about “flawlessly soloing every enemy” and “every hit you take is 100 % your fault”. Both of these already hold true in the game. That’s why I asked what you really meant with your post - not because I disagree with you, but because you didn’t specify what the problem is in your opinion.

Okay, so the actual beef you have is the stupid AI. That’s actually something many people have complained about, and something Funcom is trying to improve, although it takes time. So you’re not alone with your ideas.

I’m sure you’re very skilled at other action games, which gives you a broad perspective about combat systems, which can be helpful when developing Conan Exiles’ system further. I’d still suggest you get off your high horse, because there are no mounts in this game.


The only chosen one in the game is the Witch Queen and Conan. Thats about it. We are just humble people trying to survive and get out of the exiled lands. Or…we choose a different path and stay. Open a tavern, a shop. Make a new life.

Combat is okay. Its not the be all and end all of this game. PVE C is the ultimate roleplaying mode offering both combat and building. It lends its self to that.

The only issue with combat is that it can be slowish. And less twitch. If you are a very button mashy player this game isnt very good for you.

Combat in PVP often feels more like a competition of dodge rolling and potion drinking than most combat types. Things likw ESO or a 8 button bar system limits certain things.

Im not asking for a true combo system. But other than arrows and arrow types having synergies IE. Adding gas arrows to explosive arrows. Its a general right left click scenario. I dont mind it to be honest.

Other than a heavy armored warrior swapping to daggers to get a decent dodge roll…which is great by the way. There are certain things that could make this more interesting.

Maces are still almost never used unless the love tap.

But there is more to love about the game than to complain about. PVE C has mitigated much of the complaints I might normally have. I dont need to worry about most of the other annoyances.

One hand weapons (and katana) should all have its light attack speed increased, because the main problem is hitting moving targets, and the target dont even need to be moving fast. So, as light attacks, it makes sense those be the ones to use while running, like a sprint attack, making the animation performs faster on light attacks fits them well because they dont apply effects, so it is a choice for a fast attack speed, or slow higher dmg dealing and applying effect, then we will see a more fluid combat.


I agree with this statement 100%.

The reason the spear is so popular is because of the range. Katana is decent for the charge dash. Recently I have been using it as an secondary weapon to my bow to counter certain builds. Plonk with arrows and charge a strike with the Katana. But the light attacks are slow and dismal.

Hammers are in a good place at the moment. As are axes. 2 handers are great for PVP but I can’t justify sunder on a 2 hander over a Hammer. It is less efficient overall.

Daggers/Claws are very solid and overall work wonders because bleed is more efficient than the other status effects.

Shield Bash = No one I see uses a shield. It is not an option. Maces are out.
Sunder = Has it’s place but since no one is using heavy armor there really isn’t a need for it.

Swords with 100% armor pen really put heavy armor in a worse place than it was. So most of the time you will see light and medium (Usually Kambujan) armor. Dafari is there as well.

Cimbat is good in many ways. The only downside is that it also is very predictable.

We all pretty much stick with the status quo meta because moving out of that is just suicidal.



Although I dont use heavy armor in general even in other games, I dont like 100% AP weapons at all, it just doesnt makes sense when we have AP mods, at least have a higher AP, like 50%, but ignoring all armor is kinda pointless.

Unless the damage is low like the Blade of Seven Winds, if they still going to add weapons like the ones from the Warmaker, I predict heavy armor always being in a crap state til the last day of this game.

To help with the combat and weapons balance, I wish FC would do another TestLive focused on combat for tweaking, since their internal tests takes too long, we could help them to get “there” faster, good for us having a more polished combat the way it pleases more the gameplay, and better for them to have that weight out of their shouders.


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