Illegal building constructions and Avatar Summoning re-enabled - Feedback and questions thread

That is not an overlapping structure. This is:

Please note that there’s more than one piece in that ceiling. This is what you’d get on normal circumstances:

As @Mikey pointed out, that’s legal. This would be the illegal version tackled with the patch:

In this case, the fence foundations that are going through the normal foundations will be nuked. Stability shouldn’t be affected in most cases since the stability would rely on the remaining pieces.


Does it look like the patch will still be deployed today?

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We’re discussing it right now, and it’s most likely going to be deployed tomorrow on PC and during the week on consoles. Certification is still undergoing in both console platforms, so we most likely will use this opportunity to add in a couple extra fixes into the PC patch and make it go through a few extra QA passes to ensure it releases in tip-top shape


Ok cool, thank you for the update :slight_smile:

and I waiting today for the gods to attack and nothing

It’s official.
We’ve rescheduled the patch to go out during this week. 48h activation buffer also confirmed for avatar summoning, meaning you will have a couple of days to get your defenses up once the patch hits your platform.
You can read about it in the official announcement here:


So quick question can we apply god protection prior to the patch? Would the update erase them per say or are we safe to assume they will be deleted?

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Does this count as overlapping? Only the ends are, but you cant really build anything with fence foundations without the ends overlapping a little bit, so would like to know :slight_smile:

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There’s a high chance the bubble will disappear since it’s one of the mechanics tweaked with this patch. We would’t recommend relying on that, but you can try at your own risk.

Yes and no. It’s not overlapping per se, but it will be affected with the new fence foundation placement rules. Note that you’re using the middle socket in those fences, which is going to be removed with this next patch.


So it isn’t overlapping, but it wont be able to snap there (like fx the left vertical foundation is snapping to the middle of the left top horizontal)?

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Socket removal is the middle of the Fence Foundation. So everything where you have it connected directly in the middle won’t be possible post patch. In other words, only the “shell” that you have in your screenshot would remain.


That’s right. And as a result, once the patch hits live, any fence foundation snapped in that middle socket will get nuked (situation #2 mentioned in the announcement).

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Ok, thanks for the fast reply… :slight_smile:


So if I build like that, to double layer, it would be left like this, and double layering like this wont be possible anymore?

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That double layering present in that picture won’t be available either, as it most likely seems to rely on that same middle socket.

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The middle socket was used to build it, but nothing is attached to middle sockets.

(I understand it wont be able to be built anymore, but since nothing is attached to middle sockets, will it remain if built before patch?)

In that case it seems to be an edge scenario and only checking it out when the patch releases would give a final answer on it, I’m afraid.

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Ok, only asking cos I’m about to build a new base and I don’t really want to when I don’t know exactly what will be legal yet. You can double layer in other ways without using the middle socket anyway, it just takes a little more work and this way is easy and neat.

But I guess I’ll just wait for the patch before building :slight_smile:

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If you’re feeling frisky you should email those other methods of stacking to them, in case it’s something else unintended

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I ain’t no snitch lol :stuck_out_tongue:

and I don’t see why layering foundations (without overlapping or using the middle socket) shouldn’t be allowed.

Edit: Pretend only the horizontal foundations are there and pretend I made it without using the middle socket (too lazy to go back in SP and build again).

If layering like this is legal and middle socket isn’t used, then I guess there’s no problem.?
If it’s not legal, then it requires some bigger changes to remove it from the game.