Illusion on tools bugs resource gain

I’m playing on ps5 private server.

If I am using hardened steel as illusion on eldarium tools onky first hit will be at eldarium tier. All other hits after downgrade to hardened steel tier.

I.e. first hit is 18 or 19 resources, rest 16-17. Haven’t tested it with even lower tier.

Will do some further testing.

Edit; on some further testing it seems to only happen with picks, and it does not matter if you use an illusion or not. It drops nonetheless to 16-17 from 2nd hit on.

Hello there @DevilsEyeNL!

Thank you for reporting this situation to us.

Regarding this, do the same also happens on Official servers? If so, could you please let me know the number of the server you tested on? Also, if possible, please feel free to provide us with a video of this occurring.

I wanted to share my experience.

Typically, Picks take 5 swings to break one rock, 6 swings for coal.

I noticed yesterday evening rocks were breaking after 4 swings.
I have the perk that grants double harvest on last swing.
With only 4 swings to break the rock, 4th swing doubled, I am actually only harvesting what I would with the standard 5 swings, and no perk.

PS5 hard wired connection
PVE Official Server 3504

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