Illusion system

It’s a sword and sorcery fantasy game, not a medieval military simulator.

Funcom didn’t “drop the ball”, quite the opposite in fact.

Let’s be honest, the armor/temperature system was a travesty, with attributes picked solely to fill in an Excel sheet, not with what made any kind of sense thematically or stylistically.

Fortunately, with the Illusion system players can now correct that using whatever parameters they prefer, which is a win for (nearly) everyone.
There’s a reason players have been asking for it for years and years.


I think calling it a travesty is a bit superfluous.

The game is not a simulation, it’s a sword and sorcery fantasy sandbox and I think it ticks the sword and sorcery fantasy box wonderfully. The illusion system is great because those that want to treat it like a simulation can wear their cold resistance and make it look like full plate or fur if they want. Personally I’m going to run around looking like a Frank Frazetta painting as I’m sure there will be people in pink platemail as well.

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I suggest it would be better to add some sort of a craftable alchemy potion, allowing you to see items for what they really are. This way illusions can function on a player rather then server level, and you don’t have to change server setting every time you decide to toggle this on and off.

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its good system BUT
Funcom plz remove the loss of the item into which we turn another item
its better if we farm needed item 1 time and use it as sample.
now its just annoying to farm sample items if we want make a lot of “clan armors”
and plz remove ability to make illusion of another type of armor

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No, indeed. But it IS a survival sandbox, and in order for the survival mechanics to be engaging, they need to not clash too hard with that elusive quantity known as suspension of disbelief.

For some, heavily furred armor causing you to feel colder than if you were stark naked is no problem. For others, that makes them go ‘wtf’. Now I know current (pre-3.0) system has dealt with that example in that being naked is to my knowledge always worse for temperature control (a dubious concept but better than before), which is why I said the system is flawed (further up, not in what you quoted).

I do stand by my opinion that the original system qualifies as a travesty, even if it was still fairly easy to work around mechanically.


This is probably going to sound a bit provocative, it’s really not intended as such, but still:
What purpose would such a potion serve, other than being able to gank people out farming?

Providing someone, who doesn’t want to be bothered with the illusion system, an opportunity to temporary turn it off. I don’t see any problems in doing so, because it only affects the imbiber.

Right now this hole aspect is clearly a PVP oriented one, thus I can say in PVP scenario illusion system itself serves no other purpose other then being able to bait gankers while you are pretending to be a low lvl farming resources :sunglasses:

And for PVE said potion can later be used in dungeons f.e. allowing player to see right combination of buttons to press, to gain access to storage rooms.


Eh, I’d argue the illusion system doesn’t need any tools to ignore: just don’t use it, and it won’t affect you at all. Note that I don’t greatly care whether they add this or not, I’m merely curious as to what motivates such a request.

Au contraire, it serves a lot of functions outside PvP, in terms of RP especially (not limited to full-on RP servers mind).

I suppose you could say that, though that’s exactly the same as what I said, just with the opposite focus :smiling_imp:

And a wrestling belt

That couldn’t be more wrong lol :smiley:
Do you realize how many times I wanted to wear something like the pictish brave which is one of my favorite armor sets, but decided against it cuz it has survival on it? :smiley:
Heck… I even made compromises and combined just the helmet with other sets and put up with “some” survival to get “some” of the looks:

And it’s not even some RP thing… it’s just the fact that I always felt like I wasted a bunch of money on DLCs cuz I couldn’t use the armors I bought because the good looking ones typically always had useless stats.

To be honest I really dislike the idea of the illusion system… having “fake” armor on :smiley: I would’ve been much happier if they simply introduced an armor crafting system that could’ve been tied more into crafter thralls too…
But it could’ve been a simple system… when you pick to craft an armor, you select the base model… then the temperature resistance you want… and then the attribute you want on it… So instead of clicking once… you click 3 times to craft and end up with something you like allowing you to utilize all you DLCs but at the same time you get something “non-fake” :smiley:


I suppose you have a point but after four plus years of despairing at ever seeming cosmetic armor - in any form - I’ll take it, and say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ too :grin:

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Oh yea, definitely better than it was I am certainly not debating that, just feels kinda “cheap” :smiley:

Anything that personalizes and creates artistic vision in PVP is desperately needed. I’m bored with the Spartan ideas that style doesn’t matter in a game where there is so much freedom to try out different things.


Thank you! Listening to some PvP folks, you sometimes get the idea that they’d be just as happy to play the game in Notepad, as long as it was PvP Notepad! (I don’t think this is true, but the sheer focus on function over form sounds that way)

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I’m a bit late to the discussion here, but i do like the idea of a potion to see through illusions - for now other reason than it sounds like it could be fun.

After all, the Endowment potion doesn’t really have a use, but it’s still fun to down one and go do silly dances around your friends. :rofl:

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It’s actually a survival sandbox game. So it should lean towards being realistic. Well as realistic as you can be in a realm built around fantasy.

But that being said, it is a fantasy realm that has ties to the real world

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