Im all for making this a monthly subscription to make this game a lot better

No, before they even thinking about it. They need to proof they have a system that works. A game that works. A team that is dedicated and want to turn this around.

At this moment, a subscribtion would kill this game. Im pretty sure. Numbers are already falling from amazing 30-35k daily on steamcharts to roughly 15k daily. I knew they wouldnt be able to keep all of the players with 3.0 but I really really hoped for more.


“Culture of change” is an expression. Look it up. Has nothing to do with race.


I use that expression sooo many times at work.


Nope- and as far as quests go, i do them everyday when i login.

“Put away 1k bones in the bank- done” :grin:

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Thank you both :blush: @Belteyn and @prologue1337, I erase at once :+1:t6:.


Yes, but no.

As others have pointed out, the development of the game is now supposedly covered by the new monetization scheme and we’ve yet to see any improvement in the quality of the development, or the communication. Throwing more money at that is unlikely to solve the systemic problems in Conan Exiles.

On top of that, making the whole game subscription only would be a huge disservice to those who play in single-player mode and on private servers. And that’s putting it mildly.

Where a subscription model might help is with official servers. I would like to see Funcom offer a few subscription-based “premium” official servers, which would have proper active moderation, the way certain private servers have.

To be brutally honest, I’m not sure if I would trust Funcom enough to try it. Maybe if the price was low enough. But regardless of my own personal lack of trust, official server moderation is just about the only thing where I can see a possibility of subscription having a positive impact.


Agreed, i would like to see two categories of official servers, free as it is and paid.

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That whole cooperate culture has put me out of a job twice once after 11 years and last one after almost 16 years. Save a few bucks and move the company and then they find out the experienced workers don’t trust them and sure aren’t going to move out of state after being promised it would not happen. I realize a twist of post but a explanation of terms any how. Plus still po after this recent business practice culture bit my butt.


I like the idea of moderated Officials. If Funcom is willing to take the risk, try it with one NEW server.


But the battle pass is the optional subscription, isn’t it?

This is my biggest issue with the game in it’s current state. With an update as big as 3.0, they should be pushing out bug fixes once a week at minimum until it’s stable and working on all platforms. If they do in fact have a dedicated team for this, it seems to me that there just aren’t enough people on that team. There is barely enough justification for the current monetization much less a required subscription.

(I would like to say, this isn’t meant to be an attack on the development team as I know from experience how difficult it can be. I just wanted to say this because they get crapped on enough as it is.)

I firmly believe it would destroy the modding community as well. So many people would just stop playing.

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If this one believed that such a thing would happen, this one would not be as adamantly against the idea.
However, this one’s lack of trust prevents this one from considering those expectations to be realistic.


I would happily pay for a subscription to PvP Officials, especially if it meant active admins and blocking of credit cards/payment providers of those who have been caught cheating.

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I agree with this post, and although I don’t play single player or private servers any subscription should not be for that. They bought the base game they should be able to enjoy it. Games as a service/software as a service is a terrible model.


The idea of a moderated server for a fee isnt objectionable as a player, but I wonder if it makes sense financially. It raises a couple questions:

  1. How much are people willing to pay (kind of an easy question)?

  2. How fast do people expect an admin to respond?

That’s a non-trivial question. A 24/7 admin would need 3 for a server to cover a day. Maybe they can handle 3 servers simultaneously. Loaded labor that could cost say, $100k per admin so $300k/yr. At 40 players concurrent per server, lets assume it serves 3 times that in players, so 120 players per server or 360 total. So to break even, FC would have to charge $70/mo per player… but need some profit… sounds expensive unless I slipped a decimal…

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It’s not as easy as it should be, mostly because a lot of people don’t trust Funcom as much as we used to. I’m honestly reluctant to put my money on their promises, so for me, the answer would be:

  • if it’s over $10/month, forget it
  • if it’s between $7 and $10, I would do one month and cancel as soon as I didn’t like something
  • if it’s $7/month or lower, I would probably let it run for several months and only cancel if it proves to be worthless

Personally, I’m not looking for an admin who’s sitting on the server 24/7 and monitoring everything. I would settle for an admin that will check the server out, on their own, at least once a day, and respond to any requests for support within 24 hours.

You didn’t slip a decimal, but I’m skeptical. I haven’t heard of a subscription-based game that charges $70/month per player yet. So how do existing subscription-based games work if you need $70/month per player to break even?

The penalty of a two week suspension would cause them to lose their base and thralls but no building offenses deserve a ban in my opinion unless they are repeat offenders. Knowing that the sky or undermeshed base is gone and the player(s) will lose everything because of it, should be sufficient “punishment” to act as a deterrent for most. For the toxic repeat offenders, perhaps adding a 3 strike system, if you get suspended three times for the same offense, then you get (IP) banned.

I have derailed this thread enough and I apologize to OP for that. I still think turning Conan into a subscription service is a horrible idea. For the record, I didn’t agree with the battle pass either but we at least need to give it 6 months to see if the game starts improving with their additional income stream before we start throwing more money at it.

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Well they certainly don’t give 24/7 support. Also a big game like an mmo is going to have a ton of players on a server at a given time, so they aren’t capped at the number of players to cover a given server’s cost. Mmo’s dont typically have sandbox so I guess I would ask, is there a comparable sandbox game with smallish servers that does charge for officials?

That’s kind of where I’m dubious of subscription for better service on officials vs what people have today. I think response would have to be basically the same as what it is today, maybe a factor of 2 faster, but I suspect people won’t be impressed by a factor of 2.

F2P only makes sense if the officials are not costing FC. So F2P would have to be single player or private server only. If not the alt accounts would hit all time highs lol.

They should just make it free and make money from battle pass and dlcs/bazar items

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most of the stuff in the bazaar is bad.