I'm banned? BANNED?

I’ve been playing Conan for two years. I have over 7,000 hours. I’ve made tons of friends, and quite a few enemies. But even the enemies usually become friends.

I have reported lots of bugs, and lots of cheaters. Most of the cheaters never got banned, or kicked, or received any sort of discipline. To the extreme frustration of myself, my clan members, and all of the good fair players on the servers. I have witnessed people using dozens of exploits, from stam glitch, to invisible weapons, to preloading, to cripple/bleed, to spear jump, to looting through walls, and on and on.

And of course the undermeshers. Oh boy. On every.single.server. Ever. vomit/puke/sick.

I have never cheated. Never exploited. I pride myself on playing fair. I help people. I teach them how to play. I answer questions. I build public utilities.

And three days ago I was banned. From every official server. No explanation, no nothing. Just BANNED. The 9 others in my clan at the time were also banned. All of them good, honest, honorable players.

I have written to @Ignasis, to ask why. He has not responded. I have written a general inquiry, nothing.

I probably know more than 100 players, who would vouch for me. Lots of people know me and they know I do not cheat. But Funcom hides behind their wall. No explanation, no answer, no reply. For 3 days.


Please address this @Ignasis ! I can vouch for Toad. He’s one of the nicest people I have met in game. I have logged probably close to 300-400 hours with him in game and he has never cheated. That entire clan are good people and good for Conan. If they have done something that could require a ban, I think it’s only fair that they should know what they have done. You are potentially losing 10 very solid humans, who have spent 1000’s of hours in game, and have spent a lot of money on DLC’s. The very least you could do is tell them why.


Easy to write this

I have know Toad for the better part of a year and have been hopping server to server with him looking for pvp where ever it might be. I have never known Toad to cheat or exploit the game in any way and never will because he is so good he doesn’t even need to. I believe you should review your own rules because from my point of view he did nothing wrong.


Holy crud are you kidding me Toad? You have always been so helpful to those who are new or starting out. What like two years ago you found me playing in a small clan and even after we counter raided you, you were still nice to me and my clan, and not to stab us in the back. @ Ignasis (wont let me mention you because I never had a reason to make a forum account until I heard you guys banned Toad.) Dude. Of all the people in this game, Toad does not cheat or under mesh or anything. Y’all are making a mistake for banning him. He leads his clans and does not allow ANY member to cheat EVER. If you guys banned him or his clan mates you guys need to undo that asap!

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an Cheater can also bring his friends to talk here, its all about proofs, not words

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This is absolutely ridiculous to hear that Toad has been banned. I have played with Toad off and on for the last 2 years and he has never been anything short of an asset to the Conan Exiles community. He has never cheated, exploited, or been toxic. I cannot imagine Toad doing anything to deserve a permanent ban from Conan’s Official servers.

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don’t know what it was for. But TBH, we all will never know, as Funcom does not air waht a specific player/clan is banned for. And that puts them at a disadvantage PR wise, because the banned can always claim innocence, and even say they were never told. But Funcom, from experience, doesn’t RNG the bans. they usually have some merit. And it can be something tied to where one of your old clans on different servers you no longer play on, but are still listed as a clan member has done something without your knowledge. Which is why when they revealed they would be cracking down on exploiting and cheating, i immediate checked all servers I was on and left those clans. All it takes is one bad apple you don’t even know to spoil a chain on other non active server wise clan members.

hope it gets resolved if you are innocent, but looking to get public support is not really going to change anything, as it is tilted where Funcom cannot argue/prove its case on forums.

Just because we claim innocence does not mean we aren’t innocent. We have reported dozens of cheaters who never got banned. We have fought against cheaters. If you’re an honest player I hope this does not happen to you. It’s incredibly frustrating to have fought so long and hard against cheaters, with no help from Funcom, and now to be banned ourselves. It’s just ridiculous.


I don’t think he’s looking for public support. I think he’s looking for an answer. The forums seem to be one place where answers are sometimes given.When dealing with FunCom, emails are never returned. Queries are never answered. Funcom may not have the people power to do that and that’s okay! But, @ignasis has always been great on the forums addressing issues. Don’t you think it would be fair to at least know why?

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This is absolutely absurd. Toad has not once caused an issue on any server I have met him. We have had a crippling issue with undermeshers and exploiters on our server together. He has taken a strong stand with us and everyone else on the server to help report and assist with anyone who experienced exploiters ruining their bases and gameplay on the server. He has always taken a stance against exploiters and cheaters and has always played by the rules and legit.

I’ve no idea who this Toad person is and thus my comments will not be directed at them. But I find it funny that the only people comment on their “innocence” either have never posed on here or have not posted on here in almost a year. And the last time I saw a group of people on here claiming to be banned for “no good reason” eventually let it slip that they were building INSIDE the black keep which was a clear violation and bannable offense. So I will reserve my judgement until I see some actual proof as to what this person has done or has not done because anyone can make a post that they are innocent but those are just words and not proof.

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I have know and been friends with Toad for about 2-3 years hes a good person and has always been above borad in game. In fact I was the first person to take him on his first Dungon run back when he was a noob on server 1580, he believe’s like me if your going to cheat play on a solo server where you cant hurt others, like Taod my clan TWIN SUNS on server 1580 also make public works to help noobs and other clans to get about in fact I often take noobs into dungons to help them out or take places to get perks or matts.
I dont believe Toad would ever cheat as its not in his nature to do so,
Toad also offerd help with the current D-dos attackers I currently have on server 1580.
I hope you can resolve this soon as Toad clan keeps hackers off there server, I understand it takes time to find hackers and deal with them but please sort these good guys out befre you get the bad ones back and the server becomes empty as no one like playing with hackers.

Menny Thanks
RENSHI (server 1580)

I find it quite odd that only fresh or abandoned accounts are vouching here. Almost like someone going the extra mile to depict themselves as a saint

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the Rules are clear in this case

also beware of, if you want contact the Funcom Forum Support.

If you don´t know how to write a DM follow the Guide below

On the first Picture cklick on Ignasis Name

Second Picture click on “Message”

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by 1 fill out with a subject
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If you have all done this then you can only wait till they came back to you

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