I'm bored due to caravans making it too easy

When will they go away? I understand why they were needed, but I think it’s been cured.

It’s proof that the game was more fun when it was harder (without handouts).

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In Conan you do not have to be use the caravans
No one does. Just bypass them and go on your merry way.


Personally even though we play on Siptah and gold and silver are easier to get than Exiles server I live it never had so much alchemical base before. We accidentally built by 2 Sorceress locations and a wagon to exchange them enjoying it while it lasts.


The one skull golems seem to drop a good amount of gold and silver. That makes ichor optional.

I got one caravan outside my base, but I think such play can move to Mek’s spire.

If the game is too easy, limit yourself. I have done that in the past to just ignore star metal gear and go basic. It’s fun.


On the public server I maintain a foot print on, I had to start back from the beginning, but at level 60. It’s fun to start off from scratch; especially trying to find some place to build where I’m not staring at 3 other keeps.

None the less, fun trying to kill reptile beasts and komodos with a stone pike.

Now I farm sorcerers for advanced mats like I would farm base mats to make said advanced mats. Still farming.
I’d like to see the head hunter camps more random, or at least randomize the workers/fighters. I have a harem of Dalinsias, And a cabinet of Darmoks. With a couple of Markos just for fun.

But I can make better weapons then I can buy now. Yes they really throw the game balance out the window, I said as much when 3.0 hit test.


The one we are near Delivers Dalinsia and Markos mainly. Our best grab Hesth Plains Walker from cage needing a key near by 6304 health he does serious damage.


I’m on official. It is not that it is to easy for me, it is too easy for everybody. The fast progression with sandstone builds are starting to be everywhere.

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Yeah sandstone is everywhere on some servers on our current Siptah server there are massive T3 bases. Our current is a mix of both. Sandstone everywhere was happening long before Sorcery came along. Actually caravan should have people building t3 bases more than before.

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I’m not disagreeing with you, I just want to point out that their approach to balance has been almost purely reactive for much, much longer than that. My personal belief is that sometime after 3.0 they decided to stop swimming against the current and just let things be, and my suspicion is that the new monetization has a lot to do with this.

Instead of trying to balance everything properly and failing to produce something that would please enough players who care about balance, they seem to have changed their strategy to “keep introducing fresh content and let people complain about balance, since they do it no matter what we do”. And it kinda works. Sure, the game isn’t balanced in any way – PVP, PVE, you name it, it’s all out of whack – but people keep playing it and engaging with the new content when it drops. Even those who complain keep engaging, because the complaints change with every new Age :wink:

And I’ll be honest: I prefer this new strategy. Every time they “balance” something, they do it either by nerfing something I like into (near) uselessness or by introducing some RNG-gated BS that makes me grind more instead of actually enjoying the game.

I really need to ask: so what? I mean, why does that bother you?


I’ve been watching the population on the servers. It’s not hard to notice for those with a consistent presence. Having an opinion doesn’t mean it bothers me.

Okay, sorry for misinterpreting that. Having said that, I’m not sure how the whole “it’s not that it is too easy for me, it’s too easy for everybody” connects to the rest of your topic.

I thought you’re bored, because it’s too easy for you, and that makes the game less fun. At least, that’s how I understood your opening post.

So what’s up with it being too easy for everyone else? Are you saying that because there are more people on the server, the game is less fun for them too?

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Well there’s also the fact that fresh content is crashing the game so there isn’t that much time for balancing anyways :wink:…what? Too soon?


How many times have you had to get out of the stone age since the presence of caravans? On a pvp server, I think the 4x harvest is fine. With the caravans, why harvest anything? I know it is easy to get going again.

It was fun until the caravans felt more like WoW’s first implementation of daily world quests. I left. I’m hoping this game doesn’t turn that way.

A couple of times. I like starting from scratch, actually :slight_smile:

Because certain things are easier to harvest with tools than by working with caravans? Even better, because I have more fun doing different things than just running caravans?

Okay, we’ve established that you think it’s too easy. I think we’ve also established that your own playstyle is different from mine, and that you don’t want to avoid the path of least resistance in order to have fun.

I still don’t understand why it matters if it’s also easy for everyone else? I honestly feel like there’s something I’m missing.

in pvp war, is more a war about resources.
The one who can farm most efficiently and use said resources in the most efficent way possible while either attacking or defending.

if you lose your kit, you are making your enemy stronger, this was specially true when rates were x1.
So you do NOT want to lose your kit.
i guess i can live with a 4x rates at the very least demands less time to play. (i would prefer x2 but thats just me)

but caravans only make it all so much easier to the point of where loot doesn’t really matter at least to me.
personally fighting just for the sake of fight isn’t as much fun as actually caring about losing or winning.
as you can see its a matter of different mentality and how we, or at least me have fun.

To me, fighting for nothing is boring,same reason why i am not on training servers 24/7 or even privates servers with increased rates.

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I don’t play PVP servers, so I’ll leave the discussion of that up to you guys.

However, I just want to point out that we’re talking about official PVP servers, and that judging from what PVP players on these forums keep complaining about, official PVP servers have had that problem long before caravans were introduced. There’s a reason why people keep complaining about offlining and body-vaulting. From what I’ve read, it looks like people playing official PVP servers have adapted to not caring about loot.


Last time I was raided, they could of had all the same loot through the caravans other than by raiding me.

Not saying anything about that here.

3 servers ago my clan and I were leaving due to some exploiters.

We despawned everything before the next raid window. Not a drop or crumb left.

We didn’t care. Still don’t care.

The caravans are both a blessing and a curse imo. They get us up and running quick with the main goal being raid materials. And boy does it ever happen fast.

The next thing you know you’re swimming in caravan loot from all the poor saps that you razed. How many ■■■■■■ T4 carpenters do I really need? (drop)

The real gems are IoS loot on EL, blowing the beds and getting their DP.

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I like the caravans. But they could be a bit tweaked:

The pile of skulls would have to be full (the perfect pyramid stack) to unlock the rewards (weapons, black blood tools, costumes, coins…) of that specific caravan for 1 hour. So the last skull placed on top of the pile activates that timer.

During that hour, any additional skull brought back to that full looking pile of skulls gives you the rewards.

After the time is up, you have to complete another pile of skulls. There can be a cool down between the first and second time you build a pile.