I'm devastated by the new faded and opaque lighting

The new update brought many good things, NOW Sipta finally makes sense.
BUT in the midst of so many incredible hits, messing with the LIGHTING SYSTEM was disastrous, Sipta’s lighting was incredible, extremely realistic and pleasant.
NOW the lighting of the game is terrible, dull, lifeless, even NPCs seem much more artificial and lifeless, you shouldn’t have touched it, NO ONE ASKED FOR IT !!!
STOP moving and changing what nobody wants to change, focus on changing what you need, lighting was not a necessity, it was incredible.
Unfortunately the new lighting for those who play at ULTRA like me has made the game much less attractive, less realistic and less alive.
If you really carry out this change you could leave it ‘optional’ to choose ‘realistic’ lighting, as it were, or opaque ‘new lighting’.
It was a great happiness, to see all the news, but with a great sadness, to see that so important high for the game, the lighting, suffered an inexplicable setback announced as evolution.
Big hug to all and may God illuminate your ways.

I just can’t believe that everyone on the team who looked at these pictures before publishing was not completely and absolutely sure that in all of them “it was” it was infinitely better, more, alive, as well as almost everyone who commented on the publication on steam and I just read them all.

I am trying to understand the cause. I have this feeling of artificial things too. It was feeling more warm before too. It isn’t because now it look like a sci fi hollywood movie? The artificial thing must be this generic cg studio movie light or someting like that. Anyway we need to take time to readapt. I am certainly saying crap but it should be cool to have professionnal explaination about our feeling.

To me it looks way better than before
The before has the same issue as Skyrim had, dark ground but a bright sky (especially at night)

Everything is now way more balanced, maybe a bit overtuned in some places, but now the textures show details and are not hidden behind the dark shades on the ground.

The sky is also way way better than before.
Just the water shadow in the seconds sample is a but off and the last screenshot looks a bit murky… but its not always like that, its a screenshot with darker clouds so it kind of makes sense.


Have to disagree. Siptah looks fantastic now.


Yeah, I disagree. The static screen shots do not do it justice either. Siptah looks incredible now and I find myself stopping and looking around a lot more now.


Devastated? A little melodramatic?


Siptah looks much better to me.


Ya I think the problem is just too much for too long of darkness.Everything is just darker.Funcom needs to keep the darkness just not as long.During the storm everything gets darker then the night comes on and it’s like you have to use a torch way too much.More bright daylight less darkness.

Perhaps the experience of “liking or disliking” depends a lot on the visual quality that the person plays the game.
Perhaps at lower resolutions it has improved, just as when games were ported from the PC to the PS4… of the previous generation they were WELL clearer, much clearer, probably because the low quality fits better.
BUT those who play in ultra only felt that the game lost definition, shadows and depth, as if there was a drop in quality and became more like the “old” Conan with a “blurry, opaque” look.
This is very tragic for those who like a realistic and profound game, and was very happy with the incredible evolution of the light in siptar, to see it regress to something similar to the game of 2016, which I no longer play because I feel that it does not it gets more drained in the current generation of graphics.
Funcom should certainly leave OPTIONAL, as well as turning Raytrace on or off, for sure this new lighting is infinitely lighter and simpler, and it probably adapts better to lower resolutions, BUT condemn people who have invested in video cards of last generation to play the game in its graphic fullness, and that it has been doing for almost 1 year, regressing to a “washed and opaque” look is very cruel.

Obviously people who play in low and medium quality will say that they play in ULTRA, but they don’t play, this is extremely predictable.

I did, and many others aswell, tbh, i’m glad they changed it.
Speak for yourself next time, if you don’t like it it’s a valid opinion but saying nobody asked for it?
The isle of siptah used to look cartoonish and too saturated, if that’s realistic for you, try using Ansel (if you have an nvidia gpu), for you playng in ultra should’t be a problem, and you can adjust it at your please.

It looks better to me now, and somehow this makes me feel more motivated to play in spitah now than before.


Eat some icecream. It will help with the devastated part.


I like the new lighting system better than the old one.

Now that I’m a PC master race, self built ultra gaming PC rgb overclocked nerd I of course have to inject my opinion into everything. Lol.

I think the lighting is pretty dang good lol. Coming from PS4 to PC (Nvidia rtx 3060ti, yes yes I’m rich and stupid) the improvement blew my mind. Then they updated the lighting and I was again astonished! There are some times it looks a little “washed out” but as realistic as a muggy summer day. I’m assuming that’s what they’re going for since the lighting changes constantly in game and I can actually feel the temperature and atmosphere with my EYES!!!

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Lol. I also play on Ultra, and Siptah looks WAY better after the lighting update. Your of course are entitled to your opinion but I would say most will disagree.


There seems to be more going on than meets the eye… How Siptah looks since the lighting patch has been hit or miss for me. Regardless of settings or monitor adjustments it was an oppressive enthusiasm killing grey smear for several days then went to absolutely gorgeous for a couple days then back to the grey smear again.

Based on something someone else said here I used a night vision potion today and sure enough when it wore off Siptah went from grey smear to gorgeous.

Possibly this is what happened before and I just didn’t notice. Can’t say for sure without more testing obviously but just maybe something in the video rendering isn’t getting initialized properly for some people and night/infravision is kicking it into gear for whatever reason.

I sincerely hope you didn’t buy it from a scalper though, we need to get rid of those people, not pay them.
Its a nice gfx card though, will run the game great without doubt

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Oh no mam, I’m rich and stupid! But not very stupid. I sold the graphics card that came with the broken pc for $600 so it worked out

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