I'm getting purged

Getting frustrated.

My clan mate said we were getting purged. I cant see the warning. I logged out and was playing for an hour. I thought logging out and then back in might correct the issue.

Now I’m told that I cant log back in because of Ping. Which I have rarely ever experienced before.

I’m not sure why?

But I am getting very frustrated with this very dodgy mechanic.

Sorry you are frustrated, there is hope though.

In the latest testlive version they added a countdown timer to make it easier to notice when you are getting Purged. Works well.

The hight ping may be because you just played before.
Experience made, try to relog again and again may make it worse. Shut down your pc, then come back, mostly it lower the ping, with a server reboot at same time (i know, official server, you can’t, but if), can half the ping, experience made.

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