I'm having hell of a time finding newest server for ps4

I think I like this game, but I can’t seem to get a foot hold. I’ve been on 9 servers and it’s depressing to hit player list and see 80% lvl 60s. I assume they released official servers when they gave it away free on ps4, how can I find that list?

ps. don’t link me to a long list of new server that when I search do not exist.

Also, this shouldn’t be a hard think to discover. I’ve tried many times over the past 4 weeks

Join 3782 bro we at war could use help

No new servers other then want ppl have created themselves buy renting one. As it only takes a day to reach level 60 you are going to have a hard time finding a fresh server most are full most are leveled best bet is join one keep your head down and build of the path and off the ground.

The game has been out for a while and you can reach lvl 60 very quickly organically. I played on PC PvE server (after 2 weeks on PS4) for 1 month now, and I have a mega base and have killed every boss in the game. Some people do it faster and some people do it slower, but generally speaking this game is “easy” as long as you aren’t pvping.

All depends if you want PvP or PvE?

If its PvE then feel free to look us up.

We’re builders not biter’s!

Character: Nimue
Clan: The Knights of Ni
Server: The Lady of the Lake
Platform: PS4

Who’s at war?

We are with cheaters proof that will get me banned for posting again but here you go official server #3782

My homie took rhino thing off one of them exodus Clan gas admin panel access

The player lift does that sometimes when you log on also private severs are trash, too much bs when you start becoming a threat

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