I'm having problems with the event log

Hello forums.

People have been having event log problems on my private server where they get raided by what the event log calls “unknown player” that makes walls lose stability, i have no idea whats causing it is this a known issue?

Private server do you have the option to turn player names on or off so you would see it instead of unknown player cause before the last update we all had this problem.

it was working and showing names before but it’s the stability thing that bothers me most how somebody can remove a wall with no damage to the area around it i’m going to change my admin password it might have been compromised maybe.

You trust all your clanmate??? even a boss kited into your base would do damage I dont know sounds glitchy one wall and it says unknown player but everything else shows up in event log sounds hackerish was anything taken

It’s happen to two clans on the server not mine and yes things were taken off benches, I’m thinking someone has the admin password and is removing the walls but don’t know how they show up as unknown player or why they would bother if they had admin powers?

Change the password see if it happens again. If the event log says wall destroyed or removed by unknown player then they know the password or if its t1 t2 walls a weapon could a decade later break through.

That’s what i’m doing we’ll see what happens.
Thanks for the help.

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