I'm here to test. For developers

I have seen many complaints that slaves are useless in terms of protection, and it’s true. But I know how to make them useful (chuchut) and at the same time make the game itself for Conan is also better, but it’s done in only two sliders. Damage NPCs on the player raise to 3 or 4. At the same time, slaves become steeper. A slave with a hammer will kill you with 2 strikes. Cool? Yes. You can also reduce the player’s damage by npc to 0.5. But this is of little importance. Check it out by the developers, I think you’ll like it.

I’m not sure you understand what it is you’re saing there, bud. :smile:

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The core issue is that thralls gets killed on range by bows, unable to attack back. Now, they have added some AI lines for thralls to go and try to hide (as I understood it), and maybe the AI will undergo further iterations to perfect this, given the base design, e.g. rooms for thralls to hide from ranged assults.