I'm looking to assemble a 6 man squad

I have this idea of getting together a static group of 6 people. These would be brand new characters starting at 1. The concept here is that these characters would be played only within the group. So we would try to schedule some sort of weekly endeavor to play these characters exclusively together. Think of it like a D&D group but in the game.

The concept is to always have a group that grows and strengthens together and this would make it very easy to move through the world doing all the dungeons and stuff together. No carrying or anything, just building the group up from the ground up.

I also posted on Steam forums, and one person said they would be in. So with me that is 2, Guess I’m looking for four more to show some interest.

Timezone: Im in US Central, but I’m somewhat flexible. It would be an evening type of situation for me.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

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Although I’m not interested myself, it might be helpful to add the timezone, so people know, if it will be somewhen around us-, eu- or asian-primetime.

oh yeah good call

Update - I did end up finding some people, but still wouldn’t turn down any others who wanted to join up!