I'm new Player waiting on the PS4 , it sad what infound out

I just found out about server wipes every 30 days and servers can’t only have 40 players. So I’m very worried about it since I’m a new players in this games and my hype was so big until I find out about this… Now I’m been thinking about to cancel my pre-order… I don’t like the idea of wipe every 30 days. Just wanna know this news that I just found out are true…?

Im sure i saw Jens say thats not the case with the wipes.

So what about 40 player by server?

The 40 player server is true at the moment. But id rather have less players and the game be stable.

So that means hardly any PVP then

40 players is plenty.

Says you.

I disagree. 40 players spread out over the expanded map will rarely interact, and will spend their time running 20 minutes to get to another clan’s base. Just wait and see. The 40 player max will make it feel like you’re in a solo game.

I think the goal of getting the game to be stable at 70 players is a good goal. I’d like to see that happen.

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Not every server wipes at least so I’ve heard I stick to solo till launch then I’ll make my own server

When I first joined, there were 70 player servers, so there is more.
Keeping them stable,may be the delay.
Me, I saw the more the merrier.

Can the PS4 even handle that many players on the screen? I know FFXIV had this issue (and it was originally released on the PS3). Seems like a client hardware limitation rather than an actual server one.

PS4 isn’t exactly cutting edge hardware. And I’ve seen FPS dip below 60 at times with even a GTX1080ti

Well the issue im having know i cant even long in to my server bc its always full 40 its to little space and we cant jump.all pver diffetent.server and will be a new game.everytime i do that, what to play in my server but i cant been trying for 2 hours this is bad… im sure im not the only 1 having issues

In 3-4 days the biggest peak will drop and its easier to get into the game. Just wait it out a bit. Btw, its no wipe and you will feel that 40 is ok. Its not a fast game like fortnight or anything but with 40 you will find yourselfe with other people arround the corner most of the time. Even though i hope they get it to work with 50-60 people

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My bud can find our server on his PS4.
But then even if he did, YOU CAN GET IN.
Day 3, waiting up to an hour and a half to get in.
I bet piles of folks are going to tire of this, real fast.
Then it will end up like AoC.

When people will get tired of full servers the servers will be available for the rest. Problem solved.

Servers will not be wiped every 30 days. You’re likely thinking of the Blitz servers we had that were designed to do that very early into Early Access. Those were removed.

Said goodbye to our friends, and went to a private server.
While thier’s was 40/40, our was 4/70. Later that night it got up to 7.
Dang weekend rush

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