I'm stuck and can't get off pillar!

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [ Bug]
Region: [Here]

Help I’m stuck on a pillar! I can’t get down or go up or anything!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.try to climb wooden pillar in The Den

but there it will be seen

If I just let myself die I’ll be losing e en more stuff and I doubt funcom wants to replace the dozens of armies and weapons I already lost to lag spikes, wandering death locations, body disappearing, falling through map, etc…

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I’ve tried that 3 times…

hell … real
body disappearing, falling through the map
where do you find it?
How much play - never was this
Maybe we play different games

@Golevan, You’d better give some helpful feedback. This is not helpful :no_entry_sign:

No offense, but this guy has his right to live and play the game :slight_smile:
I couldn’t find a useful workaround. It’s been reported before on the forums, but hasn’t been fixed yet.

This will hopefully get to developers’ attention soon!


Almost 5 months later, I am still curious.
How did you manage the situation ?
Did you die ?
Lost your inventory in the process ?
Did you survive cutting your arm off with a swiss-army knife ?
And more importantly, is there gonna be a movie spinning-off from this adventure ?
Can’t wait * popcorn *

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