I'm stuck and I can't move attached to a horse thrall

I’ve been playing for 3 days now. I was out hunting berries and walked up to someone’s Wight mount. Now I am attached to the Mount and cannot move away from it. I restarted and reset My machine but I can’t move. Is there a stuck command?

On PlayStation? No… if you’re stuck on a horse or thrall, all you can do is kill yourself by removing bracelet and collect your stuff upon respawn if items drop on death on your server. However, if you start equipping yourself with a simple kitana (doesn’t even have to be good… just carry it in your inventory), you can do the power move (hold L1 and press R1) and you’ll cut right through anything in the way. It’s saved me a lot since I found out about it!

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Thank you for the quick reply! I don’t know how to remove the bracelet but I have taken all my gear off. I was just checking out somebody’s cool looking Wight horse. That’ll teach me. Anyway, it looks like it takes about 45 minutes to die of starvation and I’m almost there. However, for future reference, how do I remove the bracelet to kill myself?

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Use the “pause” menu and go to one of the options on it… character or server or something? I forget since they recently changed it. Anyway, it should be under one of those drop-down menus and say “remove bracelet.” Just be careful not to select “recreate character” as that will reset all of your progress and start you with nothing in the desert and level zero.

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Perfect! Thank you for the quick, helpful post. It’s my third day playing and everything seemed to be going smoothly until this. Have a great night!


You’re welcome! Enjoy your adventures! :relaxed:


Pause Menu, go to Character, remove bracelet.

Thats the fastest way to get out of this lil hell.

Sry i forgot something:

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Alternatively , always carry a simple (iron version) of katana with you. The dash attack will get u unstuck numerous times when ur followers trap u in any way

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