I'm taking a break

I’m taking a break from Conan Exiles. I’ve really enjoyed the game, but I’m suffering from some minor burnout. So I will be gone for a couple of months, I know the game is going to be constantly updated so I really hope the game is significantly changed for the better by the time I come back. Some of you may recognize me for my previous post for complaining about the nudity textures for female characters and just improving the nudity all around, there are a few reasons for this, 1: It’s true that female characters don’t have viginas in this game, 2: Sometimes you get bored and just find stuff to talk about, and 3: because everyone else is requesting fixes for other things and it’s one way to stand out. I guess for me I got a bit tired of hearing people request the same thing over and over and over again and the people constantly saying the game is dead and no one plays (to all the people constantly saying the game is dead just leave if you don’t play it and don’t plan to just go some of us do play and don’t want to keep hearing it yes I’m going but just for little while) just a lot of negative towards the game. I know the developers and community managers are probably tired of hearing the same thing from people so I thought it would change things a bit by instead of requesting building improvements I request Improved nudity. And hey, Oscar Lopez Lacalle (Lead designer) said that people should be able to customize every part of their character so maybe male and female genital customization because equality, maybe? I don’t know, I’ve also got to talk to a famous person in the forums that person is the myth the legend Jens_Erik, some might not think much of it but to me it’s super cool to have a community manager respond to you, thank you Jens_erik. Anyway I really wish all the developers the best and can’t wait to see the amazing new stuff they put in the game, I will be checking every day for updates I’m just taking a break from playing.


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Oh, and one more thing. If Jens_erik ever reads this I have a suggestion for the stream. Bring back Joel Bylos I really miss the early access streams with you two, you guys had good chemistry. Not that I don’t like the other hosts I just miss the old days.

Another thing, sense bows have seen great improvement I hope to see the crossbow make a return. It could be considered a new weapon type like the katana.

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