Immediate tip-offs system

My English is not very good. Please let me know if you can’t read anyone sentences

When it comes to the content of the game, there is no doubt that it has great potential
Excellent design + individual style + rich gameplay = great game

Being famous is not necessarily a good thing(such as PUBG)
Lots of players maliciously exploit bugs + Program cheating(hacker)
Deeply impressed by the game experience of other players
lot of players leave the game and even give bad reviews

A good game isn’t just about the content being engaging, it’s about the experience
There are already many game teams in China that have left the game because of this thing(bug+hacker)
We know that the authorities are working very hard to fix the bug and ban the hacker
But it’s too late!!!
The violation has occurred, the player has lose everything Houses were destroyed and teammates left
What’s more, many people don’t know how to report, or even don’t know what is report
We don’t want this game to die because of this kind of thing!!

We need the immediate tip-offs system
When violations occur, we hope to let the regulatory team know that someone is cheating by pressing the button,One click to submit: violator game name, steamID, which spot is inside the game
Community workers can immediately act as administrators to verify and handle the HACKER
If authorities are understaffed, they can consider giving players monitoring capabilities (as in csgo).

My advice
There is a thing called QQ in China(like MSN QQ is more famous in China than Facebook)
Community workers can create a group at QQ that allows players to provide instant feedback
In the game MEMORIES OF MARS, they have an official qq group to report cheaters and give feedback

My qq number: 871923931
My steamID:
I would be happy to offer any help

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