Immersive mods gone? Loot/Salvaging - anyone know what the word on them is?

I really hate with Steam, how when a mod author pulls their mod, the messages/forum/discussion all vanishes with it. Makes it so you can’t see the latest status left by the author!

About a month ago, my last server host spoke with the mod author and something about splitting the mod into parts. Its large file size was causing issues to servers upon players logging in.

The mod has an issue when it is removed that players end up with black boxes where the item recipes used to be, as well.

Try seeing if there was a replacement set of mods for it.

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Thanks! Now I just wish I kept a list of the author names… lol. Tried searching for loot/immersive, and nadda. There’s the one guy that made something similar a couple months ago, but not the same one.

A out black boxes in inventory after a mod removal
Make a chest and click “give all”, that clears your inventory of everything including black boxes


That works for inventory items, not crafting recipes.

The Mod was done by a modder who went by the name Chris. We haven’t used it since it broke when the MOAB 500 patch came out.

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you may try to reset your feats with a yellow lotus potion. This may help, not all the time, but there is a chance the box are gone after.
But anyway, desinstalling a mod in any active game, or on a server with active player-base isn’t never ever a good idea. Mods are remembered in your save-game or DB. And the game remembers, still looking for those mods. If this are scripted mods, it’s still worse, and it can break your save or DB completely.
Adding mods is the easy part, remowing it in a current game should mostly be a no.

There was a mod around a while cleaning up after desinstall. But it worked for what i worked, nothing perfect. Not sure it’s still around and up-to-date.

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