Imperial East Pack - Texture Bug

With the guilty pleasure of purchasing the Imperial East DLC I immediatley started to build with the new pieces. All is fine and I’m rather impressed. There is only one thing I could find that is off, and I’m sure others will agree as well. The Triangle foundations & ceiling tiles do not match up when your making a pentagon shape of any size in the CENTER where all pieces meet. And I gotta say all the building pieces otherwise look amazing!!! If someone could roll out a minor update for the two triangle texture pieces that would be awesome.

Bug & How to Produce:

  • Place five Triangle foundations to make a pentagon & with walls place 5 Triangle ceiling tiles to make a pentagon. (You’ll notice that where the 5 pieces meet for the triangle builing pieces the texture is all mangled and doesn’t match up nicely at all)

Really looking forward to the next DLC pack. And future content. Thank’s Funcom!!! I’d have uploaded a screenshot but it says new users cannot upload. And the Steam Forums moderator picked on me and banned me for a week. Otherwise I’d have some amazing screenshots to share and well show the minor graphical texture bug. Anyhow thank’s again…

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Can you please explain how to build a Pentagon with 5 Triangles in Conan?

Sorry my bad I meant 6 traingles foundations or 6 ceiling tiles. Yea lol it takes 6 not 5 so that I can’t explain haha.