Impervious perk not working

Hi I’m playing single player offline. The Impervious perk doesn’t work as I went up to frozen north as my life bar was going down saying extremely cold.
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What armour were you using? Since that will affect your resistance to certain climates. Impervious only reduces the effect weather has on you, meaning Hot will drain water slower than normal, Cold will drain hunger slower than normal and Extremely Hot and Extremely Cold will only reduce health at a slower rate, it doesn’t stop weather effects completely, unsure if it has any effect on the sandstorm.

Your Survival stat also affects your resistance to the weather, so the higher your Survival, the more extreme temperatures you can handle before it affects you.

I was wearing flawless medium armour. Harness and tasset.

The regular medium armour also cools you off. You need some northerner armour

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