IMPORTANT! Crashing Issues with "pak file corrupted or tampered | Win10 Process Gamebarpresencewriter

First of all:

I don’t answer simple questions like “are you using mods, what map …”

Mods have nothing to do with it. NOTHING. Here to my point.

Every time I start Conan Exiles (both maps problem), I start my taskmanager, too. Everything works fine, until Windows decide: Let’s start | Process: gamebarpresencewriter.exe | It’s a normal windows process

I tested it many times, THIS process causes crashes, like pak file corrupted or tampered error, UE4 Error and so on. I tested it with mods and vanilla, on different hard drives, with different settings (low, max graphic for example)

This is stupid in two ways:

First, you can’t even build anything, you can’t tame a thrall, even you CAN’T stay afk in your base.

Second of all, you CAN’T deactive the windows process completely. Yes, you can kill it via taskmanager, but, if you are unlucky, it restart right away.

So, we need a solution for it. I wonder why no one have ever tested it before. And if it not the specific process, then I wonder what crashes the game. Because sometimes it runs like a charm, I can build a whole castle (if I want) and the other day, nothing changed, but it crashes everytime.

Any suggestions?