Important question I have

What’s the best way to survive in The Spawning Pools area location in this game?

What are you talking about? :eyes:

If your talking about where you spawn with a new toon. I would say gather eggs from turtle nests around the river area till you get the tools needed to move further. Killing baby turtles are easiest way to get food starting out. Be sure to cook it. If this isn’t what your talking about please clarify what you mean by spawn pools.

Spawning Pools is a location in the Unnamed City. There are a bunch of baby dragons. Spec STR and VIT, bring Ambrosia, Aloe extract or aloe soup. Only engage one at a time. I know at one point you could kite them around each other and they’d kill each other, but I think that was patched out.

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Is there noxiouos gas? use sandstorm mask.

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