Important Question

Is any chance to fix guardian Tempest tree? This tree not working well. Do with something with that.

I don`t think they will change anything class related - for example ToS spellweaving uses the same animation as Necro! Almost 10 years and no love for spellweaving ToSes :frowning:

But I share your frustration.

The Tempest tree is forgotten and not usefull in group’s. We don’t have anything to buff up group teammates, also we have not well working abilities like Intimidathing Shout, Dissarming Agression and combo - Riposte. Intimidathing Shout dps is… crap and cooldown is 1 minute. Why? From Dissarming Agression we have 12% melee damage and -30% hate on frenzy. Tell me for what? Is not better to make it ability a group buff like battle cry from Juggernaut tree? And Combo - Riposte. After evaded attack… yea, sounds nice but it’s not working. After year they did nothing with that tree.