Important things has improved

hello gentlemen the creator I have smart suggestion for you

1- postpone the total nudity choice on ps4 many players hated the fact that one is no longer privileged to choose total nudity

2-added mods for ps4 this will add a lot to the games as this would add a handsome roleplay experience having merchant a ■■■ mode like on pc quite funny i find the console players also want to laugh add a multitude of mod choices to not bored after having explored all the least for players like me who pays to have a private server on ps4

3- added a new city with pNJs

new places enlarge map

give access to the devlopeur mode to the ps4 players as on pc for the private server everything should be taken into account

4- we give access to frames with saddles to ride the animals

Tank you very much :xander-knight ps4. :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I thought PEGI-18 allowed for the full nudity option? (I’m assuming you’re European because of the reference to “PNJs” instead of the English acronym “NPCs” here)

Ok man im canadien tanks

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