Impossible to execute combo on camp thralls due to Stagger update 2.5

Can you make a video? I don’t have the game installed atm.

The last time I fought NPCs on testlive (2.5) I had no problems. See:

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Annoying shard axe from siptah dlc have gouge bleed.
Stacks on up to 20 and applies on hit, be it light or heavy.Also stacks with axe combo effects.
Can’t be cleansed.
Have old long timer.
Basically prevents you from healing after 1 single hit.

But let’s move away from clear paid advantage item to more generalized aspects of healing system.

Right now healing can be blocked by any type of damage and requires you to find a window to apply heal plus window to get a heal from the pot.
On top of that any dot outside of bleed stops your healing.
Even temperature effects from environment and temp effect weapons like black ice weapons.

Whole system is a copy of old food healing but with addition of animation and uncleansable bleed.

But now you are locked in animations. The only way to avoid damage is to roll or block and both punish your stamina eventually opening you to dmg and possible stunlock.

Let’s not forget bow with in game aim lock.
Your healing will be stopped by any dmg arrow or aoe speciality arrow, you can say that we can use a mask agaisnt poison smoke arrows but there’s a small little secret. Mask doesn’t protect against yellow cloud/armor dmg arrows aoe effect and those deal small amount of dmg to your hp nontheless stopping your healing.

So to use one option in heal you need to find a window to use it.
Then avoid any kind of dmg for duration of heal. Avoid any possible archers and aoe clouds and somehow manage your stamina on top of that.

Also let’s not forget about weapon animations bleed.
Daggers still apply bleed on heavy and that bleed stacks, meaning if you get hit by daggers heavy you better just pull the bracelet and save your opponent time.

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Eventually entire pvp falls down to the one simple question “why even use potions in combat?”

Because the only viable option right now is 50 vit perk.
1v1 will be hard to pull out for players.
1v2 or 1v1+thrall/pet?Just highly impossible.
Just remove your bracelet and give them your loot to save their time.

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Just wait for 2.6 update. They will totally fix everything in next updateБез названия (33)


So it’s special effect is not falling under the category of bleed effect from special weapons? Meaning it kept it’s ability (20 bleed + 20 “gouge” bleed) after the 2.5 patch?

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I hope it’s a bug that’ll be resolved soon. Or this weapon just became the new meta of the game in pvp.

My god so much stun locking it ■■■■■■ me off by only seeing it
It is so bad atm… no fun at all

Lets just say, you would not have survived that same fight now on Officials.
Also keep in mind, a lot of us do not run around tanked up like you did in that video, we rely on crowd control, shields, etc.

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You’ve misunderstood the problem. We’re not saying enemies are stunlocking us, we’re saying that enemies have insane immunity to stunning. You would not have survived that fight on the release version right now because at 30s in your video your attack would not have stunned those people due to this bug, they would have kept attacking through your attacks.

The devs added new things between the Testlive and the Release version of 2.5 without testing it on Testlive, and now we’re dealing with seriously bugged enemy stagger on the Release version. I just bought this game and specifically installed the Release version because I wanted to avoid major bugs, but only a couple days later they deliver a Testlive quality version of the game to me anyway.

I have a bug report posted if you want details, but basically if the enemy is in a non-idle animation they have stagger and knockdown immunity at the moment: 2.5 Stagger Changes Bugged Humanoid Stagger & Knockdown

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I hope they refine the bleed effect a bit!
I feel the change is too much. Would be better if dual-bleed weapons could only stack one TYPE of bleed (the first effect that you apply on the enemy, just like if a pet makes an enemy bleed, you can not increase that bleed stack further, only the animal) but to the maximum of 20 as before.

I think the stagger problem might be because NPCs aren’t set up using the new weapon-sheathed animations correctly. Animations contain a lot more data than just how to move limbs and etc, and judging by the swords sticking up every NPC’s bum right now they’re using improperly implemented (or more likely, totally wrong) animations, it’s pretty likely the combat code is getting passed garbage data from the animation system and reading it as “stagger + knockdown immunity” for just about every animation.

Fun fact: the term “i-frame” used to refer to how much invincibility something like a dodge roll has, refers to technical frames that make up every animation. For videogames, the frames in an animation are tagged with stuff like “play this sound” (footsteps hitting the ground) or “player is invincible during this frame” (totally simplifying that) so that the effects are 100% synced to the animation. Now you know why footstep sounds always match perfectly no matter how fast or slow you move in a game! Except for badly developed games.

Uh I’ve been using this axe since siptah dropped, don’t ruin my fun now because they messed with your toys. I predicted this mess a month ago

Interesting Funcom logic:

We want you less reliant on thralls.
Also, we introduced stagger resistance so you’ll be more reliant on thralls.

Awhile back they tried this with the unstaggerable undead. And then they rolled it back. It seems history is going to repeat itself again.

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Seriously… Now it’s not worth to fight thralls in camps, just grab fighter and jump on tent / rock and wait it to kill them. That have to be changed or even PvE aspect will be unplayable and not fun at all.

But game’s easier now. It was so hard to time attacks and was totally unplayable for new players. But now you just need to equip heavy armor and just click right mouse button.

But imho hp and stamina bar is too hard! Better turn on god mod for friendly experience.

I haven’t seen it mentioned here, so I’ll add it: The NPCs ability to rotate any amount instantly mid-attack animation and taking no stagger makes things even worse, since combat positioning is useless now and interrupts aren’t possible. For added frustration, add the insanely large hit detection radius for NPC weapons like spears(that can hit you when you are 90 degrees from their angle of attack).

It’s certainly ‘challenging’


Yeah, it does n’t seem like ‘harder’ it’s just unfair, clunky, feels like ai is forced to cheat. It prolonges fights even more and makes us relay on thralls even more - too bad thrall ai is so bad it keeps doing stupid stuff like walking into wall, getting lagged and stop attack for long time and so on.


Hey. PS4 player here, just got 2.5 update and I’m having this issue. It’s really ruining the game for me …

No one else in the Discord seems to have an issue with this. Was it ever fixed for you?

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