Impossible to kill- Runner spec player

So we have a troll on our server…shocker i know. He is around level 45 in cloth of some kind and a kingslayer polearm and he literally has endless stamina and because of the servers lag/response time/rubber banding, you name it, it is impossible to hit him. We had 4 people chasing him last night and he just rolls and runs and dances around everyone. Literally be in the middle of everyone trapped and somehow get out and run for miles. We even had a weapon that crippled and it didn’t make a difference. This game just feels like rough when you have 4 lvl 60s and a level 45 in cloth that is uncatchable. Unkillable. Ideas? thoughts?

Full grit spec you can literally run for 3 minutes straight before you run out of stamina, but you trade off having little to none of the other stats. No problem here. So you can run, but you can’t carry anything, no any decent damage, and you get 2 shot if someone catches ya.

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later the night two of his troll clanmates with the same exact build spec came and with 3 specced that way they were killing silent legion level 60’s just because of the infinite stamina dodge…

Sounds like they found a fair spec to counter god-mode silent legion armor. Change your stats to match his build and run, roll and stab after him.

Sounds like you guys just suck. If they can hit you, you can hit them. If they’re stabbing enough times to kill you in silent legion and their low to no vitality and light armor and youre not able to trade blows with them, then you definitely need to learn to play. If their stabbing with Spears to stab them at the same time with spears. If their using quick weapons, do the same. You don’t trade blows vs someone in silent legion wearing light armor and win unless the guy in silent really sucks.


Its a stamina issue. Have you played the game using silent legion with polearm or whatever. It is a matter that if they outrun you and track your stamina by movement, they can dodge one swing and you are either in a position where you exhaust or can’t attack till your stam recharges. Yes they played this good but its still F’d that a lvl 44 can have endless stamina

Simple - don’t try to catch him. You guys are like the high school jocks trying to catch the class clown. Find his base and see how good his running build works in defending it.


How does silent legion armor stop you from respeccing to a high grit build so you can keep up with this guy? You may not be able to roll, but play around with flexibility armor kits and putting more stat points in agility – not sure if that will get you the roll option in heavy, but could make it easier to move around.

Or drop to a high tier medium armor – which offers more protection than light armor, but gets you increased mobility. Silent Legion is not the only armor set.

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some top players on the server figured out a way to kill them. Daggers is the key actually.

Bleed 'em out. That’s smart. I feel silly for not thinking of it.

Someone with that build should go down in 2 hits. If you’re getting hit by someone, you can hit them too. Learn to play.

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