Impossible to play since may 8 - EU servers always full - Help!

Message to Funcom:
Can not play continuously on official server PVE EU since May 8. As soon as I want to take a character the server is full and it requires to go on another server to have to start all over again (I first start on the 1017, then the 1018, etc … I’m at my 4th server). I do not have the possibility of player 24/24 to keep my place on a server …). Moreover, it makes it impossible to play with friends. Thank you for remedying this problem because we all bought the game to play properly not just to look at the list of servers always full …
Thank you in advance for your action
Screenshot from May 10 to 21:40 (France)

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I’m coming back from work and I would like to be able to relax a little while playing Conan Exiles with friends but impossible because all EU PVE servers are full. And still no response or communication from Funcom …

Im not from FC, but you could try to find community servers. They often have quite some available spots 9/10 times.
You can even join my community server, but I dont know if you’d be interested in that, since it is a RP server if that matters (It is basically PVE though, since combat outside events practically never happens)
Or you can follow this other discord link that leads to the unofficial CE discord where community servers advertise, maybe you can find there what you’re looking for.

CE Unofficial:
My server:

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble finding an official EU server. We’re aware of the current limited access and we’re looking into increasing the number servers so that there will be more options in the near future.

In the meantime you may want to consider playing on a co-op map or an unofficial server.

thank you for your reply.
My interest, in Conan Exiles (besides exploration) is to be able to play with friends and also to interact with other players. Playing on a private server or in coop mode will require to start over again (which does not really work for me…). I hope you can solve this problem quickly because Conan Exiles is really a great game. On the other hand is it not possible to increase the population on servers (40 slots seems really little compared to the size of the map !?).

Hi Maximus,
I’m not too interested in a role-play server but it’s nice to have proposed and also thank you for the links.

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