Impressions & suggestions after 3 months (spoilers?)

Xbox one s
Singleplayer & multiplayer

More than 3 months after purchase I was able to finish the game for the first time. The problem was the missing witch mask. But the ending was much worse than I thought. I hoped to see how the bracelet will be removed and the first step through the wall, maybe a small story like the journey continues ect.
I won’t play the story again. I don’t get a satisfying end anyway.

Next bugs, my first post in May stated the rhino’s in front of sepermeru and now it’s still the same only a few bugs solved lots of remain.

Here my first post: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]

Overall it feels like no man’s sky, release was a year to early.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like the game. The landscape is very nice designed, the rain and thunder are awesome!
i would love to see and bigger dungeons and Caves that I’m able to explore. If I’m in a party the current dungeons are to small.

Same with the variety of monsters. It’s OK but could be a lot more variety.

I think the game has a lot of potential but there are tons of bugs and glitches as well.

Maproom and obilisk should work in both ways backtracking isn’t fun.

Thankfully the pet system is on its way, I was hoping for a camel :slight_smile: all I miss now is a 2nd town (or 2 one in the north and one in the jungle far routes for more money) for ware trades between them to earn money and spend them at a npc like hairdresser, costumes ect. It would add a lot of content for both pvp and pve.
Dam, even as 20€ dlc I would buy it instantly ignoring my own words below

A final word to the endgame: the dragonbone shield is better than obsidian, same with the silent legion sword. I don’t know why I should craft obsidian gear. So the last gear I can craft looks fancy but is crap. Oh, and bow&arrow was only used once fore the journey. It’s still useless I can’t hold the arrow and I don’t like the aiming. Maybe the upcoming patch will help with that.

Dlc and the future

I haven’t bought any dlc so far and won’t do it until the game is at least a polished product and not a beta.
I have to start a new game and thought about building a base in the Vulcan area this time but now the well (fountain) won’t work (after relog Singleplayer) so I can’t. All those problems hinder me on spending money. BTW how about a season pass?

That’s it for now. I can’t write more, have to go to the jungle now.


P. S. Is it just me or is it impossible since the last patch to hit dead npc’s or small animals with the axe?

Workaround about the problem with the Well: Mitra Statue

(Tested only in Singleplayer)

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