Impromptu Duel Night Results! (11/2)

Had some fun on Saga tonight; lots of people and lots of duels! After having some casual matches we had the top 4 winners participate in a final four. Everybody fought really well!

These are our champions for the night:

#1: Fass
#2: Sleves
#3: Anavar
#4: Torsksin

Might have some more duel nights in the future, so keep an eye out. :wink:


Did they win anything sweet @Mussagana ? :slight_smile:

And Prince Ptah won the community choice award! Just saying

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what about interim champ Uebashka xD

Hos come sleves got number 2. On global i read he loose alot :blush:

But IT was fun following the global chat. Next time is it possible to see the duels somewhere ?

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duels were in pit master arena so you can come and watch )

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I gave out some gold. It wasn’t planned and was mostly for fun. :slight_smile:

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was it in the arena?

is it open now to duel people?

It was in the arena and just sort of happened last night, wasn’t anything official. Mussagana just ported a bunch of people to the arena and tossed people into the ring. I streamed it live and may upload it to youtube later on.


He gave mussagana some gold I heard…or maybe something RPish

I chose four of the duelists to face off against each other based on repeated wins. Uebashka or Dack would’ve been included but they had logged out by then.

Maybe if I do this again in the future I’ll have a sign up period and something more formal (though it’s still just to have some fun and not anything official). :slight_smile:


Still thanks for the gold )

How much gold was it?

not as much as Fass got,but still decent )

Link please Spread! :slight_smile:

Here it is in its entirety. Be warned it’s about an hour long and I can’t be bothered to edit it down. Decided not to even put this up on youtube because they’re giving me crap about copyrights.

Watch live @ Twitch

What were the prizes? :slight_smile:

Will there be statues made of Fass, Anavar, Spreadicus in Old Tarantia? :smiley:

I think statues in their honor would be fitting

Statues of them in Tarantia, Khemi and Conarch, as well as their images during loading-screens would be a fitting reward for their deeds! :slight_smile: