Improper Ban #1540

improper ban.

Please, ask for the help of the adm. I received an improper ban for official servers. I’ve been playing on the American slserver. # 1540, everyone in the clan received a permanent ban. I had just joined the clan, and I didn’t know what they were up to. So far no one has answered my ticket and I am worried about losing all the Dlcs I have from the game. Please check what happened !!!
@Ignasi @Hugo

Just contact them as described in terms of conduct, they will answer but I think they have to check first what happened.

What were they up to if I may ask?

Todos foram banidos, por exploits ou pelo nome do clan. Um dia antes eu entrei nesse Clan, e logo depois fui banido. Sem entender exatamente nada. Não sei exatamente o que foi

Send a direct message to @Community and explain the situation.

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ve a la página de la comunidad y explica la situación

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Posso perguntar o cual é o seu nome no jogo?

To appeal a ban, please follow the procedures we list in our server rules: