Improve Rescuing Thralls

The new server I’m playing on for Siptah has had some people really like the idea of not slaving thralls and loves to rescue them, but the options are… pretty lackluster at this point. Most people would rather keep doing all the ‘regular’ options for getting the best thralls.

But I would suggest that you reward people for their playstyle if they choose to just do a non-wheel of pain play.

I’d suggest a bit of a Karma system. Karma starts about at zero. Every time you rescue a thrall from a cage, you get a +1 to your karma system. (Perhaps inversely to their Tier level. So Tier 3 is +1, T3 is +2 and T1 is +3, to match below).

But making a wheel of pain reduces your karma balance. (-2/-4/-6). Breaking thrallls on the wheel reduces your thrall karma by -1 per tier (-1/-2/-3/-4/-5 for named).

So there’s a system, but no benefit so far, right?

The benefit I’m thinking of is that when you have a high thrall karma, your chances of higher tier thralls increase. I think right now it’s only T1 to T3 (I’ve not seen any higher right now). But with a high thrall karma level, when you free a thrall, they may suddenly reveal that they are actually one or two levels higher (they were lying to their captors in hope of escaping). So if you had gotten lucky with a T3, you might get a T4 or Named with a high enough Thrall Karma level, rescuing those ‘named’ heroes like Conan does. Maybe a higher chance of some crafting thralls?

We can do the inverse for negative karma that the quality of Thralls does not improve, but they try to flee from you at low negative Thrall Karma and at high levels they know you as a slaver and try to attack.

What do people think?


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