Improved Explosive Jar Feat, 1h Mace Buff, Darfari Structures, Yoggite Bone spear, it's a pretty big mess of ideas

Warning: this is a little long…I have played a lot of survival games, like Rust, Ark, The Forest, but Conan Exiles is definitely my favorite. There is this charm that the game has that I simply cannot pull away from, I don’t even know what it is. Though people may say it is “bad” and provide no actual proof, I believe that anyone into survival games should try this at least once, to see if they have the same connection with it that I do. This is going to be a little messy, but this is years worth of ideas that I have been waiting to express in some way.

Improved Explosive Jar/Demon Powder - Although I have grown a massive attachment to the game, I know it has some issues. T3 bases, when raiding them or thinking about doing so, can seem almost impossible to break through without a True Name/God Token. If an Improved Explosive could be created that could cut through T3 bases at a reasonable pace, then it would allow these giant superstructures so popular on official servers to actually be presented with quite the challenge. This 1/3rd of the challenge within a T3 raid needs to go to the people making the bombs, that’s where the new Demon powder could be put into place. It would take 1/2x as much (Maybe more) resources to make as Dragon Powder, but would require a Tablet of Power (Or fragment). The idea behind demanding a Tablet of power is that it would both increase the value of the Tablet of Power aside from just giving 60 feat points as well as make it a little more tricky to obtain with it requiring 5 fragments to create. The Demon powder would be combined with an Earthenware Jug, Tar, and some other high value challenge ingredient to make it even more tricky to create. With that done, the finished bomb would be purple to symbolize the corruption within it as well as its power; The bomb, upon being detonated, would give off a purple flame.

Math starts here: Since normal Jars do about 7000 damage to T3 structures, whose walls have 70,000 health, it would take 10 jars to blow through a T3 wall. The Improved Explosive Jar would deal around 17,500 damage to T3 walls, meaning that 4 would be needed to break through.

With the challenge ingredients in place, this would make the sight of this bomb quite rare, but would strike fear into the hearts of anyone being raided with them. Of course, it would never compare to the devastation a God can do to a base.

1h Mace Buff - I’m going to deviate a little here, because maces are one of my favorite weapons throughout history. They have been one of the most brutal, most aggressive weapons in combination with a shield, but it is certainly sad to see them fall so short in Conan Exiles.
Let it be known that their damage right on target, maybe a slight overall buff to them would help, but their main issue is surrounding their moveset. The first two lights in the chain are close ranged, able to be reacted to, and are pretty fast, but their heavies are a bit silly. The 1h Mace’s heavies need to be redone so that they can be a lot more aggressive and are very simple looking. Throughout history, maces have always been incredibly simple weapons, it would only be appropriate to recreate its simplicity within Conan exiles.

1h Mace changes: Like I have said before, the light attacks are not the issue, the heavies are. After thinking hard, 1h Maces could have the old heavy attack, where the player would hold their arm back and “charge up” the attack. It would be an attack chain finisher, meaning that attacks cannot be thrown after in the same chain. The standard heavy would make the player over extend their arm for a slight lunge, slower than the lights with that same purple flash which would have the chance to apply sunder 1. Holding down the heavy attack button would charge up the attack, making the mace glow purple and constantly draining stamina. The player would run forward and sweep in a motion similar to the 1h axe’s first heavy in its chain, but would stay on the ground. Connecting with this powerful attack would do about 1/2x more damage than connecting with the standard heavy, applying sunder 2.
By the end of this, I wish for players to be focusing on managing their stamina with maces like people did back in the Dark Ages and the Medieval Era, as well as making anyone who is facing the mace intimidated, not laugh.

Darfari Structures - Know that I am not meaning actual structures and I am only speaking about Darfari spike walls and Teepees, which both look amazing in my opinion. Darfari spike walls would function the same way and would have the same purpose, maybe with bones as added ingredients; Darfari Teepees would be another interesting addition. Players are not able to enter Darfari teepees in camps, which is good, but player made Darfari teepees would allow players to go inside for easy full shelter; it would cost a good bit of leather, shaped wood, and twine.

Personally, I LOVE the design of the Darfari tribes and I think the addition of these teepees and spike walls would allow for people to personalize their bases more than they are able to in the current state of the game.
Yoggite Bone Spear: Now I am perfectly fine with the current state of the Yoggite spear, but I think that locking it behind Rift of Yog and demanding 10 unblemished human meat to create 1 spear, which can be lost easily, is a bit much. The addition of a new weapon, the Yoggite 2h mace would fill the spot that the Yoggite spear would leave.

I know you, Funcom, are more than capable of making another badass design for another weapon. This new hammer would allow for the spear to be made from the Pit of Yog (preferably for at most 2 unblemished human meat) and would make the Rift perk a lot more valuable. Darfari people are known for their blunted weapons as well, so I have always found it a little weird how they don’t have a 2h mace.

I’m hoping that something within this list could make it into the game somehow, that you take these ideas into consideration and make your own additions on top of them, Funcom. Conan Exiles is one of my favorite games, I only aim to improve the experience of players. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this.

1 handed mace was buffed a couple of months ago but was nerfed only a few weeks to a month of it being out. As far as demon fire jars go, my clan can push out over 500 dragon powder a day, couldn’t imagine raiding bases with improved jars, would be insanely strong.

I don’t know about the mace stuff but I just fell in love with the short spears and javelins. More of them would be nice, along with Darfari placeables. The tiny tent shelter is a great idea for popping into in the sandstorm and would be good for low tech villages and encampments.

Basically I would always support more placeables to look cool!

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