Improved Fish Trap Specialty Fish Deleting when attempting to stack

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [NA, Quebec Canada]

When trying to stack the specialist fish from Improved Fish Traps, they get deleted. I’ve watched numerous times my catfish, grouper, angler, eel, and dog fish, when shift clicking, deleted one stack to the other.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Place Improved Fish Trap and get special fish
  2. Have special fish in inventory or preservation box
  3. Attempt to shift click another single or stack from improved fish trap or inventory to the other
  4. see fish get deleted.

Crasher, like you, I am online private but have not experienced this.

Do you use any mods?



0 mods

Are the fish uncooked when this happens? Mine are always cooked prior to putting them in the preservation box, but I can test uncooked to see it there is a difference.



You have ice in the bbox ???

Its when i shift click any of them from one container to the next

Yes, we got that, but still, are they cooked and do you keep ice in the preservation box?

Given that, I would like to test it for you.



This could be completely unrelated but my experience with vanishing fish from some time ago:

I have a base near the Mounds. About half way from portal to base I (had) a small fishing place (10 traps or so with just enough foundations to fill the timer)

The fishing place seemed to be just on the border of rendering distance of my base. Big base, lots of lights, at the time way over 100 thralls. Loading time was BIG.

Few times I noticed that when I jumped from portal and few (20ish) seconds later started to pick the fish and move them to my bearer, whole stacks would just dissapear regardless if I used mouse hold, double click or shift to split the stack. Traps were both normal and improved.

That never happened if I moved to the fishing place from the base (I was there long enough for everything to load I guess).

My conclusion at the time:
This was caused by general instability of the game while a nearby big base was loading. I simply revised my “fishing time” :grinning:

My question:
Does that dissapearing for you happen always or “just” often? If not always, is there a chance that there is a nearby (your) big base loading? Or is there maybe some other patteren of events that you noticed?

As for repeating my “bug”: I dismanteled the fishing place (one independent purge point too many), started reducing the size of the base (hard to defend against purge without several players), and I prepared for the incoming thrall limit.

Your bearer ate them, thats fixed now tho.

But check again for mods.

When combining stacks, the game will figure out decay time. IE if one stack has 50 minutes of 1 hour left (-10 min) until next decay, and the other has 8 minutes left out of 100 (-52), if you swap them or combine them the system will refresh one back to full 1 hour, and the decay times are combined, thus removing 1 from the stack with a new time of 58 out of 1 hour (-10 + -52 = -62, so one decays, and 2 minutes put on new stack). This was done, but there was a way to cheese decay by taking 1 from each stack, then took the removed as a stack and added to the “box”, it re-stacked all back to full timer.

Now if the whole stack is disappearing, then definitely a bug.

I tried, but Gportal refused access to official servers :thinking:

//Getting grin off my face now:// Yes, I know, I should have stated directly that my experience was from official PVE (no pun here)

ill try and post a video shortly

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