Improved tools and items

It drives me up the wall that you basically work your tail off to get to the ability to make steel, all the while getting told “Bark becomes easier to get when you get the pickaxe” and then there is no where to go after you get the pickaxe as none of the higher tiers have a pick axe recipe. You can use a sickle forever as harvesting plant matter doesn’t really use up the durability it doesn’t really need a higher tier, the pick axe on the other hand uses up its durability as fast as the pick and the hatchet it would be nice if I could make a version with higher durability. Well more durability then just adding the item durability modification as it would nice to use the efficiency mod.

Same thing with water skins, running around in the desert find hide no problem, once you hit the snow you get pelts or thick hides. So why can’t I make a waterskin out of wolf pelts or thin leather? I have a lot of thin leather.

There are a few items that definitely need an improved version.

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