Improvements to game

I wish they would enlarge map again and ad to journey

Unfortunately it’s better to spend your wishes on something else. Official word is that the map will not be expanding in any foreseeable future, partly because the game engine can’t handle a bigger map.

Enlarging the map, as Kapoteeni said may not be possible due to technical reasons. And there has been a number of discussions from members of Funcom stating that there will probably be no new areas added to the map. However, the door is still open ever so slightly. There are a number of areas on the map which are empty and otherwise inaccessible to players without the admin panel or console commands. Some members such as myself cling to a faint hope someday, Funcom will utilise these areas to either create a new biome(s), or expand existing ones. However, these areas are also often used for dungeons. It is a complex issue. If you are interested in reading more about it, a deeper discussion on this issue can be found here:

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