Impunity is the rule in conan exiles

On server 3553 (ps4) the hoodrats clan built a level 3 temple in the undermesh. Denunciation made and no action by Funcom … Impunity and cheating prevail in Conan Exiles, and omission is the mark of the developer, unfortunately.!Uploading: PS_Messages_20201114_015540.jpg…]()

I think the undermesh fix applies to PC servers only right now. The OP is playing on a PS server. What he should do is send a PM with documentation to @community. The OP is against forum rules because it calls out specific players and clans.


Be it that he violated the so called “forum rules”. He showed evidence from the server so he is not lying. Therefore his statement is not falling under “false claiming accussations”. I have to wonder if Funcom really wants this cheaters and glitchers gone. Because it seems to me that such “rules” only hurt the people that try to report and care about the game, while the cheaters and glitchers go on and on, laughing because a “forum rule” prevents them from getting know as what they are.

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Really? First off, the forum is not the place to report undermeshing or cheating, that’s why it is called a “Forum”.

I think Funcom wants the cheaters and glitchers to stay and make all of our lives miserable, because that is what they live for. (sarcasm off)

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Rrrright. And that’s why the spent considerable resources implementing an anti-undermesh system that automatically kills players, or the dozens and dozens and dozens of patches they have done combating exploits.

There is a proper way to report violations, and there is an improper way. This goes against the forum rules. Funcom outlined how to report server violations in great detail here.


Oh yes. I must have forgotten all the efforts that Funcom has put into combating cheating and undermeshing in the last couple of years. Thats why we see persons/clans rooming around official servers for month still unbanned after reporting over and over again. I also must have forgotten that their is a whole line of yt videos and streams from people showing how easy it is to exploit this game to its core. And because of that hard efforts we gladly don´t have to read the same forum reports about cheaters, glitcher and exploiters over and over and over again. *sarcasm off

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They do ban people and depending on what they did which determine the ban period most aren’t permanent banned just like a week or two so and last I checked the were up in the thousands of people banned so they doing quite a lot but anti undermesh is on pvp pc and that will help a lot

On 1306 official they banned 1 clan 4 times in 5 month interval.
Clan who never changed clan name and undermesh at same place every time (In one Tower in the North) and behind green wall.
I stopped report it because for me its just useless. Upload ton of videos on Youtube with 1 mb/s take many time and cheaters come back very fastest.

Hey I don’t make rules but unless it’s severe bad then that what they will keep doing but given up isn’t the way if you keep doing it then eventually they will quit due to losing everything they got but at the same time are they attacking or destroy everything you have if not then that’s not so bad could be worse but if it that bad then best move on

Personally I would like dev team to make a full thing of servers that have no rules that way the cheaters go there thinking it’s fun and others do that to them and they will do it to them
Ps while we video tape it so all of us that put up with them can have a go laugh while we eat popcorn :popcorn:

Just because they’re not very successful in their endeavors doesn’t mean they don’t want to succeed.

3553 server - ps4

Cheaters and glitchers never get permabanned, so, I guess they don’t wanna lose people that plays the game, even if they’re the worst kind…

we made complaints with photos, videos and nothing was done. play with secondary accounts and funcom only provides justifications, but doesn’t solve anything

one more day and the cheaters continue to play freely on the 3553 ps4 server … Denunciations in droves and nothing from Funcom to act, regrettable

and we receive the standard response, but none of the problem is resolved … #omission

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