In game Blacklist

Griefing has been a MAJOR problem in this game due to a important factor:

The game offers the chance to “claim” something exclusively for yourself and clan, ex: sealing access to a certain area, and suffer little retaliation in return. While griefers play for theirselves the Good players cant “fight fire with fire”, enclosing a area to hurt/push griefers away would also mean making that same area inaccessible for everyone else…

This is why we need a in game BLACKLIST on doors/elevators/containers, etc…! It should work like this…

  1. Blacklist should be accessible in containers, doors, gates, drawbridges, elevators menus;
  2. If you choose to enable Blacklist in that said object it should become usable to EVERYONE. Any player could open that door, container, etc… (elevators and drawbridges are already public, so nothing would change)
  3. After that you could add certain players on the BLACKLIST and only these people would lose access to those objects!

Done! Doing this would allow the players to fight back griefers, keeping important areas open to everyone but the players who are causing trouble on the server!

There are MANY ways to fight griefing without STAFF! This feature combined with a few other implementation changes could make PvE servers a much less toxic environment. Funcom is the only one losing in the end. I know many players who already quit the game because of griefing. Yes, some went to private server, others abandoned the game in frustration. Those are very unlike to return.