In-game bug reports via ctrl-b still supported?

I wanted to ask if the in-game bug report tool can still be used to report bugs. Given the choice to report bugs via a forum or directly in game, I very much prefer the latter :slight_smile:

Additionally, if it’s still a supported way to report bugs, is there a chance to tweak the tool a little bit? Currently only the last taken screenshot can be attached to a report. It’d be quite handy if one could manually select and preview a screenshot before attaching it to a report.

I was told by a developer that Ctrl-B is the best way to report bugs, since it also includes extra data from the game. So I use that for the most part.


I didn’t even know ctrl+B does anything…
whistles innocent

Yes, as @Nordavind explained. However, it’s not the last taken screenshot, but one which is captured when you press Ctrl+B.

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Oh that is not very clear if you read the tooltip

It might provide the best info, but that only works if people actually look at it. It was stated during TSW that the devs pretty much quit looking at those reports before the first year anniversary. I wouldn’t trust that anybody reads them or the crash reports. I barely trust that these posts even get read.