In game feature to report structures, clans or players

Every single official server suffers because of ignorant people whos main purpose is to ruin the community, Im really surprised Funcom hasnt done anything to stop this!

There are countless ways to solve this problem without an active staff, all you have to do is implement a in game tool that players can use to report hate building and griefers. This is just an idea and it needs a lot improvement, but the idea would have this tool require no human intervention. Once a certain structure/player or clan gets too many complains they should be punished, and this punishment increase if they keep insisting until they lose the privilege to play in that server.

We can only have one character per account so nobody can spam report someone else on purpose, it should also be smart enough to realize if its a clan effort against another, or a single person. There are many possibilities to work around this idea and give the community tools to stop griefers from ruining their servers. This tool should only be active in PvE servers, PvP is a hole different story and would require an different approach.

Funcom needs to understand the players that actually care about the game are the wants they want to keep, you have to give us support! Griefers make people leave, griefers dont give feedback, griefers dont test, they are a cancer to the community AND the game you spend millions to make!